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Atkins diet

Can significantly reduce glycogen storage and exercise capacity



Refers to the inhibition of eating following a meal



Appetite regulating hormone secreted from the stomach



Physiological need for energy regulated by the brain



The sensation of fullness that brings a meal to an end



Provides an increase in energy expenditure post exercise



Hormone related from adipose that regulates satiety


Wait cycling

After weight is lost, it is regained in a short period of time


Artificial sweeteners

Shown to potential he heighten appetite


The zone diet

Purpose to modulate eicosanoid function


List 4 primary influence related to dietary macronutrient balance

1) genetics
2) environmental factors
3) cultural differences
4) societal factors


True or false?
Fat is the macronutrient with the greatest propensity to be simply deposited as storage fat



List 4 neutral based external factors that can exert a powerful influence on the quantity of food intake

Memory, social situations, time of day, stress, taste or smell of food, nutrient content in the meal, exercise or physical activity


_______ Exercise increases the duration of the time that EPOC contributes to elevate post exercise energy expenditure

Longer duration, and or high-intensity


Describe 2 ways which weight loss can be detrimental to athletic performance

It is commonly accomplished by a reduction in muscle mass and glycogen stores.
It can promote chronic fatigue and increased risk of injuries


True or false?
Reducing fat intake with conservative caloric restriction is the best fundamental dietary weight loss method for athletes as optimal glycogen storage and recovery can be maintained



List 4 reasons why simply reducing fat intake can be effective for reducing energy intake and promoting weight loss

Fat energy is dense, high-fat foods generally taste good which promotes increased food intake, that can be less satiating then protein and most CHO's, fat is stored efficiently and requires little energy for digestion, and fat intake does not immediately increase that oxidation


Very low calorie diets, food combining diet, and low CHO diets may be detrimental to athletic performance due to ______ depletion and impaired ______

Glycogen depletion, exercise capacity


List 3 common methods that weight category athletes employed to rapidly lose weight

Dehydration by prolonged exercise, exercising in hot environments while wearing plastic or rubber garments, use of sauna, hot rooms, or steam rooms, use of diuretics, stimulants, and laxatives


True or false?
Manipulating the energy density of meals can play a role in weight maintenance as research clearly shows that people tend to eat a lower total quantity of food by weight when the fat content is relatively high



Describe two reasons why females have a slightly greater resistance to weight loss and or fat loss when compared to males

Women store more fat in the gluteal femoral region which is less metabolically active than upper body or abdominal adipose tissue.
Postprandial fat storage may be higher in subcutaneous adipose tissue in women


Describe 4 common weight loss mistakes among athletes

Trying to lose weight to rapidly, trying to lose weight during season, skipping breakfast or lunch, taking into little CHO


To "enter the zone" when on the zone diet, CHO intake should consist of ______ of daily energy, that should consist of _____ of daily energy and protein should consist of _____ daily energy

40%, 30%, 30%


List 4 negative physiological/psychological effects associated with extremely rapid weight loss

Significant loss of body water, reduction in glycogen content, loss of lean body mass, reduction in plasma volume, reduction in central blood volume, reduction in blood flow in active tissues, increased core temperature, increased resting heart rate, altered hormone status, impedance of normal growth and development, impaired psychological state, potential for impaired Academic performance, impaired immune function


When attempting to gain weight, and athlete should try to gain between _____lbs. A week with the first majority of additional energy into a consuming from _____ based food sources

0.4-2.0, CHO