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What is social psychology?

The scientific study of how individuals think, feel, and behave in a social context.


How is social psychology unique from other psychology fields?

It emphasizes the behavior of the individual in the group context


Who is Norman Triplett?

Arguably the founder of social psychology


What was Norman Triplett known for?

Notable work on the speed of bicyclists when racing people or the clock, cyclists tended to race faster when racing people


Who is Max Ringlemann?

French agricultural engineer who studied the effects of the social context on the performance of individuals but found they did worse on simple tasks when with other people


Who wrote the first textbook on sociology?

William McDougall, Edward Ross, and Floyd Allport


What was a main cause of the desire to study social psychology?

World War II


When (and by whom) the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues formed?

1936, Gordon Allport


What was Muzafer Sherif's groundbreaking work?

He studied to powerful influences groups have on individuals using the scientific method


What did Kurt Lewin contribute to social psychology?

He helped establish fundamental principles of social psychology


What was the first established fundamental principles of social psychology?

Behaviour is a function of the interaction between the person and the environment

Social psychological theories should be applied to important, practical issues


What was Gordon Allport's significant contribution to social psychology?

Published The Nature of Prejudice which focuses on stereotyping and prejudice


What was Solomon Asch's significant contribution to social psychology?

Demonstrated how willing people are to conform to obviously wrong majority


What 2 important theories did Leon Festinger introduce?

People try to learn about themselves by comparing themselves to other people

People’s attitudes can be changed by their own behaviour


Who was Caroline Sherif?

Wife of Muzafer Sherif and collaborated with him on much of his work


Who was Marie Jahoda?

First woman elected president of the SPSSI in 1951


Who was Stanley Milgram?

He did research that linked WWII to the oncoming social revolution, inspired by destructive obedience of Nazi officers and civilians in WWII and looked ahead to civil disobedience beginning to challenge institutions


In what year did Canada extend more funding to the social psychology field?