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Why HBS?

HBS will equip me with the knowledge, skills, and resources to excel, and it will help me push my boundaries through new challenges and experiences.

(1) Case Method: I believe the HBS case method is singularly suited to help me hone my managerial and communication skills. The Case Method exemplifies how I like to think and how I like to learn. The collaborative discussions bring together a diversity of perspectives, closely mirroring how we evaluate investment opportunities at WP. I am big believer in this sort of classroom environment, and I could not be more excited to dive into over 500 cases.

(2) Entrepreneurship: Additionally, I believe that HBS provides the perfect setting for me to explore new ways of thinking. I am excited to step outside the world of finance and to immerse myself in a new environment. Surrounded by innovation, I will take advantage of the Rock Center for Entrepreneurship, iLabs, and Field studies and meet entrepreneurs and other people from different backgrounds to gain firsthand exposure to a range of creative solutions to tough problems.

(3) Network: Finally, HBS has a large, diverse student body that will give me the opportunity to develop close personal relationships with people from all over the world. As someone who thrives on interacting with others, I am eager to learn from accomplished, inspiring classmates. I will also take advantage of leadership opportunities in student-run programs, such as Wine & Cuisine Society, Running & Triathlon Club, Entrepreneurship Club, and, of course, PE/VC Club.

I first visited HBS when my sister was a student a few years ago, and I fell in love at first sight. I attended three classes, went to a tailgate and club Hockey game, and experienced a few campus favorites, including Kong and Darwin’s. Through my many visits, I have come to appreciate that the HBS experience – the Case Method, the culture, the people – is unmatched. I want to participate in this unique experience, and in return, to contribute to the experiences of my classmates.


Why not Wharton?

(1) New challenge and experience --> going back would inevitably limit my personal growth because I faced that challenge and experienced a lot of what Wharton has to offer
(2) Redundant curriculum – I have taken classes with some of Wharton’s best professors
(3) Redundant network – I have access to Wharton’s alumni network


What can you contribute to the case method?

Given my diverse set of experiences, I will bring a unique perspective to the table and enrich our case discussions
(1) Upbringing: early exposure to entrepreneurship through my dad
(2) FOP: Launched a charity fundraising platform in college
(3) BX: Exposed to a variety of businesses and issues at BX
(4) WP: learned how to disect businesses and evaluate investment opptys

SANDY TIP: Emphasize expertise not personality


Why is HBS the ONLY solution for you?

CASE METHOD = singularly suited to help me accelerate my personal and professional growth

PLUS = I fell in love when I visited my sister a few years ago; cannot imagine myself anywhere else


What is one thing that you are looking to develop at HBS?

My ability to analyze and solve complex problems with little information. Important skill as future investor and board member


How does HBS fit into your story?

As a teenager, I watched my father start a business that assists the unbanked populations in his native country of Peru. I, too, want to use entrepreneurship as a means to change lives. I have participated in this creative process by investing in and working with a variety of businesses at Warburg Pincus. I want to continue to do high-impact, intellectually challenging work as a venture capital investor. However, I recognize that I now need an MBA to achieve my goals. HBS will equip me with the knowledge, skills, and resources to excel, and it will help me push my boundaries through new challenges and experiences.


What is one stereotype of HBS that you hope is true? What is one you hope is false?

True: focus on leadership --> I want to transform into a multi-faceted leader that can embrace change and solve complex problems
False: cold Boston winters


With your understanding of the HBS classroom, what do you think your strengths and weaknesses would be as a student at HBS?

(1) Analytical – able to dissect problems quickly and focus on issues that really matter
(2) Collaborative – using information gathered, outspoken in my point of view but also open-minded and interested in learning about other perspectives
(3) Enthusiastic – I use my infectious enthusiasm to manage and motivate people those around

(1) Public speaking – I think I will inevitably get nervous the first time I am cold called


What do you think will be the easiest and hardest part of business school?

Easiest: push my boundaries through new challenges and experiences

Hardest: managing my time efficiently and making sure I get to do everything that I want to do in order to capitalize on the unique opportunity that I have in front of me


**What would you bring to the classroom environment?

(1) Diverse set of experiences that give me a unique perspective
(2) Analytical mindset – able to quickly dissect problems and focus on issues that really matter
(3) Collaboration
(4) Enthusiasm and passion
(5) Levity


Imagine the HBS classroom were an orchestra. What kind of instrument would you be and why?

Saxophone – sounds beautiful in solos and complements the full orchestra and other instruments. Forms a bridge between the woodwind and brass sections of the orchestra

I am enthusiastic and outspoken but also collaborative and open-minded, interested in understanding the interests of others.


IF HBS were a box and you walk in on one side and our on the other, how will you be different coming out?

(1) Transform into a multi-faceted leader with excellent managerial and communication skills
(2) Stepped outside world of finance and explored new ways of thinking
(3) large, diverse network


**Have you visited an HBS class? What did you think?

Yes, I have been to a few classes, having visited my sister several times when she attended HBS. most recently attended a class on Friday, which reinforced everything I had come to love about the case method.

(1) blown away by the energy and diversity – Forces students to accepts different backgrounds (e.g. professional, race/ethnicity) and perspectives in order to consider all of the information available and weigh the pros/cons

(2) loved the style of teaching/learning – unique classroom experience that I cannot get anywhere else and that relies on collaborative in-class debates and discussions, bringing together a diversity of perspectives in order to enrich conversations and solve complex problems; closely mirrors real life decision making

SANDY TIP: emphasize reinforcement


How have you gotten to know HBS during the application process?

1) Visited sister several times; went to three first year classes; went to club Hockey tailgate
2) conversations with current students and alumni
3) over last several days have gotten to know campus in more formal way
4) Spoken to professors directly (Eisenmann)


What have you heard about HBS that gives you pause?

Joke: Boston winters

Critique: have read and heard about Section X
Concern: not my style
Thoughts: I have carefully thought about this issue and think that it has likely been blown out of proportion
Confront: Penn had this crowd as well, but they were in the minority; easy to have fun without participating in their lavishness
Why HBS: I continue to think HBS is the ONLY school for me


What classes do you want to take?

The truthful answer is ALL of them. I have browsed the course catalog and could not be more excited to dive in. If had to give you my top three draft picks, they would be:
(1) Arts of Communication – seek to strengthen the capacity of each student to speak well in public settings while navigating a range of leadership scenarios --> public speaking
(2) Authentic Leadership Development – help you become more effective, authentic individuals and leaders --> self-awareness and personal introspection
(3) Launching Technology Ventures – will give me a unique glimpse into the challenges that startups face --> develop operational skill set

Others that have piqued my interest include: (1) Deals (2) Entrepreneurship and Technology Innovations in Education (3) Board of Directors and Corporate Governance (4) Product Management 101


What activities do you want to be involved in? Which professional clubs and social clubs?

I would welcome the opportunity to take on one or more leadership roles at HBS
(1) Wine and Cuisine Society
(2) Running and Triathlon Club
(3) Business Analytics and Data Club
(4) Entrepreneurship Club
(5) PE/VC Club


Do you like Boston?

Very much. Throughout my life, I lived on the outskirts of major cities. I changed that when I went to school in Philadelphia, and loved the transition. I then went onto an even bigger city and loved it even more. I am excited to explore another city

Have begun to get to know the city a bit on my own: restaurants like Toro, Stella, Darwins and Flour. Think the city has a lot of character and a lot of history. Think it is beautiful


Who would you want to sit next to in your first year at HBS? What type of people are you hoping to meet at business school?

I want to sit next to someone who has started his or own company and failed. I think these people bring the most comprehensive and diverse perspective to the classroom.

I am hoping to meet entrepreneurs who have not succeeded and who have succeeded. I am hoping to meet venture capitalists. I am hoping to meet professionals who deeply understand the educational system. But really I am looking to meet anyone and everyone


What type of person do you NOT want to sit next to in a section? Why?

I do not want to sit next to a private equity or venture capital guy who came from banking because we will have too much in common; will not foster foundation for innovation and growth


**What do you want your legacy at HBS to be?

Likely to be remembered as the guy who wasn't related to Pablo Picasso

But I want to be remembered as someone who was outgoing and genuine and who actively contributed outside of the classroom

But most importantly, I want everyone to remember me as someone whose passion and excitement was unmatched. Someone who would go on to do great things. Someone who would help others push their boundaries and realize their potential, whether through hands-on community involvement or through venture capital investing.


Did you use a consultant for your HBS application?

Yes, I did. Unfortunately, I was in the midst of closing Civitas while applying to HBS, and I felt I needed an extra set of eyes in order to provide me with quick, unfiltered feedback.


Why would HBS be proud to have you as an alumni?

(1) unmatched excitement and passion
(2) leader – I have no doubt in mind that I will become a multi-faceted leader
(3) active involvement as alumni


**What did you think about the application?

Initial Reaction: open-ended but interesting question
Steps: spent time thinking about all the diff ways I could intro myself; bounced around ideas with friends
Process: took a stab at it and iterated with friends and family
Result: ended up appreciating the open-ended question


**What did you learn from the application process?

Appreciated the time to think about things; made me realize how little introspection I do; thought about important life moments

Discovered two things
1) I don't think I appreciated just how often people ask me if I am related to Pablo
2) made me realize how influential my father was in my life; something i always knew but became very clear
(i) work ethic
(ii) passion