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T/F: the average life expectancy in the US is 77 for men and 82 for women BUT for every day you live, your life expectancy INCREASES



Since 1990 life expectancy in the US has dramatically increased. At the turn of the 20th century, what percent of all Americans lived past age 65?

less than half


What percent of Americans' life expectancy TODAY can expect to live past age 65?

over 80%


in people with an average life span, what strikes earlier and last longer?

diseases of old age


what are 10 ways to increase life expectancy according to Best Health?

1. go for a walk
2. eating more fish
3. quit smoking
4. lift weights
5. get a pet
6. add supplements to your diet
7. challenge your mind
8. be optimistic
9. spend time with friends
10. help someone else


what is sandwich generation?

generation of people who are caring for their aging parents while supporting their own children


what are the most common chronic conditions among people ≥65 in the US?

1. arthritis
2. hypertension
3. heart disease
4. urinary incontinence
5. diabetes
6. cancer
7. osteo-broken hip
8. Alzheimer's disease


which is the most common chronic conditions among people ≥65 in the US?

arthritis (57%) and hypertension (55%)


what are the leading cause of death for people ≥65 in the US?

1. heart disease
2. cancer
3. stroke
5. pneumonia/influenza
6. diabetes


what national social insurance program is administered by the US Federal Government since 1966?



Medicare provides health insurance for who?

1. people age 65 and older regardless of income or medical hx, who have worked and paid into the system
2. some younger people with disabilities
3. people with end stage renal disease
4. people with amyotropic lateral sclerosis
5. people who need hospice care


why is Medicare the fastest-growing program?

due to retiring baby boomers and rising health care costs


what social healthcare program for families and individuals with low income and resources was established in 1966?



what is the largest source of funding for medical and health-related services for people with low income in US?



MedicAID is funded and managed by who?

jointly funded by state and federal governments and managed by the states


T/F: not all states are required to participate in MedicAID although all of them currently do



who is eligible for MedicAID?

US citizens or legal permanent residents and may include low-income adults, their children and people with certain disabilities


T/F: poverty alone qualifies someone for MedicAID

false, does NOT


nursing home costs are primarily sourced by what?

MedicAID > out-of-pocket > MediCARE


T/F: majority of nursing home residents are male in the US

false, female


T/F: a majority of all nursing home residents are diagnosed with dementia in the US

true, 52%


nursing homes in Ohio serve consumers needing more of what?

medical services than those available through home care, assisted living and other options


nursing homes in Ohio are used to complement and supplement what?

other care options including assisted living, hospital care, particularly for short-term rehabilitation


what are some proposed options on how to deal with the increasing healthcare costs of older adults?

1. reduce payments to providers and hospitals
2. increase age or other requirements for eligibility
3. increase co-payments from older patients
4. license lower level providers to provide services at reduced rates of compensation
5. offer incentives for home care vs nursing home care
6. limit usage of pharmaceuticals
7. put age limits on certain treatments (i.e. transplants)