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Why business school and why now? What do you want to do with an MBA?

I believe I am now at an important juncture in my career. An MBA will equip me with the knowledge, skills, and resources to excel in my future career as a venture capital investor, and it will help me push my boundaries through new challenges and experiences.

(1) hone my managerial and communication skills through case method learning environment
(2) perfect setting for me to step outside of world of finance and explore new ways of thinking, particularly through exposure to entrepreneurship
(3) opportunity to form close personal relationships with people from all over the world and to further build out my network

Fell in love with HBS at first sight when I first visited my sister several years ago


How would you achieve the goals and plan you just laid out if an MBA didn’t exist or getting an MBA wasn’t an option?

If no MBA, would go straight through and try to hone my skill set on the fly and build a network on my own. However, I think it would take longer to achieve my goals, and an MBA is extremely valuable to accelerate my personal and professional growth. Knowledge, skills, and resources to help me excel and it will help me push my boundaries through new challenges and experiences. MBA represents an irreplaceable experience.


What are you hoping to learn at business school?

Cast method: provides perfect setting for me to hone skills I need to excel by learning in practice
(1) Solve complex problems – exposure to broad range of issues that I may face in my future career as an investor and an entrepreneur
(2) Effective communication – learn the art of public speaking
(3) Managerial skills – experiential learning opportunities, such as Field, offer an opportunity to hone leadership skills in practice

I also hope to learn more about myself, through new challenges and experiences


Why do you need an MBA given your past experience?

Wharton provided an excellent foundation and helped me build an analytical skill set. However, I transferred in as a sophomore and did not have the opportunity to fully capitalize on everything Wharton has to offer. I want to go to HBS in order to round out my managerial skill set and network and to accelerate my personal and professional growth.


Why not stay at WP?

It is something I strongly considered. I took a disciplined approach to making my decision, conducting extensive ‘due diligence’ so to speak. I spoke to a wide range of individuals (business school, no business school, etc) in order to gather feedback and form my own point of view. Conclusion I came to is that the benefit I will receive from going to business school far outweighs the added benefit that comes from staying a third year.

I could also pursue the direct path and bypass business school altogether. However, I have never been one to focus on the short game. I am always considering the long-term. I think that the long-term benefits that I will reap from business school far outweigh the benefit of getting a promotion one year sooner or doing one more deal. For example, I see partners call on their business school network daily for deal sourcing, due diligence, and job opptys.


If you were an admissions officer, what weaknesses would you think your app has?

Given my Wharton education and professional experience, one might think that I am singularly focused on finance. However, upon closer review, it is clear that I have a broad range of experiences and interests that give me a unique perspective.

Community: KIPP = love helping others push their boundaries and realize their potential
Leadership: FOP = fun introduction to running small venture
Academic: Art = have learned the value of multiple points of views
Professional: Education Technology = strong interest that I would like to pursue further


Have you visited Harvard?

Yes, several times. I first visited HBS when my sister was a student a few years ago. I admittedly fell in love at first sight. I attended three classes, went to a tailgate and club Hockey game, went to a few campus favorites, including Kong, Tasty Burger, and Darwins.

I visited a few other times, getting to know the campus and Boston a bit better.

And then again, this past weekend, I have spent a considerable amount of time getting to know HBS better, attending another class, meeting with professor Eisenmann, and exploring the city


What other business schools are you looking at? Why?

I applied to Stanford and Wharton, but I can honestly tell you that HBS is far and away my first choice. This is where I want to be in Fall 2016.

Each of those schools has a lot to offer, but I believe that HBS is best equipped to help me achieve my goals.


What will you do if you aren’t accepted to any schools? Will you reapply or move on? What would you do? How many attempts before you give up?

I would have to re-evaluate when that time comes. But I can tell you that I genuinely want to go to HBS and I cannot imagine myself giving up easily on that goal.


If you came to HBS, what would you find most challenging?

There is a lot to do in a short period of time and I think it will be difficult to prioritize the types of organizations and events I want to get involved with


Give three unique things you will add to Harvard dynamic.

1) diverse set of experiences and unique perspective in cases
2) leadership – I would welcome the opportunity to run one or more student-run organizations
3) someone who contributes to the community in a constructive way who can be relied on (e.g. career advice) and trusted and who you can call your friend


What do you think you will gain from HBS?

HBS will equip me with the knowledge, skills, and resources to excel, and it will help me push my boundaries through new challenges and experiences.

1) case method --> hone managerial and communication skills
2) entrepreneurship --> step outside world of finance and develop new ways of thinking
3) network --> diverse student body


When and how did you become interested in an MBA?

(1) At early age, saw the benefits of an MBA. Saw my father leverage his skill set and his network to climb the corporate ladder and eventually start his own business
(2) Visited my sister when she attended HBS a few years ago and fell in love at first sight
(3) watch partners leverage their MBA daily