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Leading by example

A) Position

B) Profession, and 

C) Company or organization.


Why to stay abreast of news and trends, as well as the regulatory and operating environments in their industry

in the entertainment media industry, it would be prudent to understand how mobile platforms are transforming the delivery of TV, movies, and gaming to have insight into identifying, hiring, training, and compensating talent in that contex

Learning is the fuel that propels performance & productivity.


Outsmarting the competition

Today's work environment is increasingly competitive. Most organizations create value and competitiveness through the smart deployment of human potential. This potential is enhanced, refined, leveraged, or brought to bear through the purposeful enrichment of the knowledge, skills, and abilities of its people. Therefore, learning is as essential a strategic action as having a business plan to operationalize goals or having an investment plan to capitalize on financial or other assets.


customer service strategies to help you beat the competition

1. Give all your employees excellent product knowledge.

2.  Train employees in customer empathy.

3.  Build infrastructure that supports great customer service.

4. Resolve customer issues at their first point of contact.

5. Empower your employees to make customers happy.

6. Deliver on your promises.

7. Make it personal.