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General Responsibilities

The Watch Manager is responsible to the MATC for the management of their watch staff and when on duty for the operational service provided at Manchester Airport


Safety Accountability

The WM is accountable to the MATC for the safety performance of their watch in line with NATS targets and the NATS Safety Management System


Safety Responsibility (14)

-To advise the MATC of any adverse safety implications resulting from the introduction/implementation or amendment of equipment of procedures.
-To ensure that all NATS ATC Operational procedures are applied in accordance with MATS PT1 &2 and any other regulatory requirements or legislation
- Any safety related incident is brought to the attention of the MATC and assist in any future investigations. Where appropriate liaise with PC Ops Manager if joint investigation is required.
- Understand NATS safety management policy & principles related to the WM environment and ensure their applicaition
- To be responsible for the safety performance within operational areas during their watch duty period by ensuring all ATC staff have the correct training, licences, validity etc.
- Ensure staff are complying with CAP670 (appendix D) and CAP 744 (SRATCOH, ORM, AAVAs)
- Be responsible for the safety performance of their staff and application of the appropriate parts of the NATS SMS relevant to their role.
- Ensuring that traffic flows/forecast traffic flows are managed so as to match the staff, equipment and environment pertaining
- Ensuring that staff are fit for duty
- Demonstrate NATS safety leadership behaviours and proactively review watch safety performance with the unit management. Ensure watch staff are aware of their safety performance and any issues are raised at an appropriate level
- Ensure OCA is managed efficiently and effectively
- Ensure all ATC staff are trained in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements
- Liaise with MAG Ops to ensure runway and manoeuvering area are safe and fit for purpose
- Monitor operational Nav Aids and ATC equipment to ensure they are fit for service


What is the difference between accountability and responsibility

Responsibility can be shared whilst accountability cannot. Being accountable not only means being responsible for something but also ultimately being answerable for your actions.


Describe how a good day looks for you

Service Provision, operational and personal safety and customer relations are all key items to consider a day successful. If any of them are degraded, or at risk of being degraded, this becomes an unsuccessful day.