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What happens when metals are worked

They are bent, rolled and hammered. They start to get hard, becoming inflexible and brittle


What happens when you work a metal too hard

It will result in fracturing


How would you bend a paperclip without it fracturing

Heating first, and then cooling it slowly


What happens when a metal is annealed

It becomes easier to bend or hammer into new shapes


What happens when a metal is no longer malleable and ductile

It can be annealed to make it more flexible


What temperature is Steel heated to

720 Degrees Celsius


What is used when annealing aluminium

Soap, which is usually put on the surface before heating


At what temperature does the soap turn black

350 to 400 Degrees Celsius, It is allowed to cool and the aluminum will be flexible


What happen when you anneal copper

It is heated to a dull red, but then quenched and cooled in cold water, which is the opposite to annealing aluminium and steel


What is annealing

It is the heating process that makes steel or aluminium soft enough to bend