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A supervisor must attend any incident of workplace violence. Who must be notified?

The OIC must be notified by the supervisor
The UC and UC-PRS must be provided the eReport # by the OIC


Upon becoming aware of any workplace violence or threat of workplace violence, including domestic violence, which could place themselves or another member at risk of physical injury in the workplace a member shall:

 immediately report the particulars to a supervisor


What is workplace violence?

exercise of physical force or attempt
by a person against a worker in a workplace
that causes or could cause physical injury
including a statement or behaviour that is reasonable to interpret as a threat of physical force


Can an officer refuse work?

A police officer cannot refuse to work when the work is a normal condition of the worker’s employment or when the refusal to work would directly endanger the life, health or safety of another person.
a supervisor must take every reasonable precaution necessary for the protection of the member


When the source of the workplace violence is EXTERNAL to the Service the supervisor shall:

 ensure the applicable eReports are completed prior to the completion of the tour of duty, if applicable


When the source of the workplace violence is from a Service member supervisors shall comply with:

 Procedure 13–02 for external complaints involving uniform members
 Procedure 13–03 for internal complaints involving uniform members
 Procedure 13–09 for complaints involving civilian members.


When notified of a member refusing to work as a result of a workplace violence incident the OIC shall

 ensure the member remains available and in a safe place for the purposes of an investigation, if applicable