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Generally, how do/did most Native Americans praise their gods?

Through dance, song, and trance


What are some mythological themes shared between distinct Native American tribes?

  •  All-powerful Great Spirit
  • Bond with nature
  • Respect for ancestors 


How was Native American mythology passed on from generation to generation?

through the oral tradition


What are some recurring symbols in Native American mythology?

  • seasons
  • animals
  • the elements


What are two popular themes in African mythology?

the creation of the world and the afterlife


What were the professional storytellers who preserved the oral tradition called in Africa?



What is the role of the dragon in Chinese mythology?

  • powerful, godlike mythical creature
  • commander of all waters
  • assisted both heroes and gods


Who is Nüwa in Chinese mythology?

goddess who created mankind and who rebuilt the wall of heaven


Who was the Jade Emperor in Chinese mythology?

ruler who reigned over heaven, earth, and hell

  • granted rewards based on a merit system, the Jade Principles Golden Script
  • his rulings could be contested by elders


Which Mayan document contains creation myths centered on the Mayan Hero Twins?

Popul Vuh, known also as the Book of the Council


Name some themes in Mayan mythology.

  • creation of the world and mankind
  • apocalypse
  • union with nature
  • origin of the sun and moon


Who was the principal god in Mayan mythology?


  • commanded heaven, day, and night, along with all other gods
  • gave people resources for civilization, e.g. fire and writing
  • associated with healing


What are the three main written sources for Irish mythology?

  • Lebor na hUidre
  • Book of Leinster
  • Rawlinson Manuscript


Who was the Dagda in Irish mythology?

God and father figure who presided over all other Irish gods

  • powerful but compassionate
  • often depicted with a spear


Who was the Morrígan in Irish mythology?

Battle goddess known for her role in the Táin Bó Cúailnge, an epic tale of war

  • Also associated with fertility
  • Takes the form of animals, including a cow, a wolf, a crow, and an eel


What is the role of ancestors in African mythology?

Various beliefs for the souls of the dead:

  • Ancestors are born again through babies
  • Others become stars
  • They remain close to the living as protectors and guardians, etc.