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indian appropriations act

first indians put into reservations for land for white americans


oregon trail

a trail leading from the east to the west, heavily used


the belief that it’s god’s will for white ppl to take all of the USA

manifest destiny


mormon migration

listen to the song m8


fort Laramie treaty no. 1

indians would:
allow migrants to travel through the land
permit railroad surveyors to enter safely
end tribe fighting

the US would:
protect Indians from migrants
pay an annual fee of $50,000


homestead act

the government offered a plot of 160 acres for $10 for white americans looking to settle on the plains


pacific railroad act

gave a right to begin construction on the railroads


timber culture act

granted homesteaders and other entrants an additional 160 acres of land if they planted at least 40 acres of trees within 10 years


little crow's war

in a reservation, the tribe were not receiving the food they had been promised so they attacked the agency stole food and killed US soldiers


sand creek massacre

cheyenne tribe raided in need of food, colonel Chivington massacred over 150 Indians, even tho they surrendered


johnson county war

major homesteaders vs. cattle ranchers war ending in no victor


battle of little big horn

a battle where Custer led his men against the Indians and lost, badly


wounded knee massacre

indians got trapped in snow, and caught by the army, as a last resort they began the ghost dance, but the army took it as something bad, so killed them all