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What was the first important battle and when was it

German invasion of Belgium (August 1914) first shots


What battle stopped Germany from capturing Paris early in war and when was it

1st battle of the Marne sept 1914


What did the 1st battle of the Marne use and what did it leave

Trench warfare and stalemate


What battle did German force Russia to retreat from invasion of Germany when was it

Battle of tannenburg , aug 1914 east front


What war was the costliest battle and was on western front

Battle of the Somme


What battle was the turning point of the war and the east front began to lose

Battle of tannenburg


How many casualties did the battle of the Somme have over the whole offensive western front , when was it,

Over 1 million, July 1916


What was the naval battle in the North Sea, when was it, what did it do to the German fleet

Battle of Jutland, may 1916, kept German fleet bottled up in Baltic


What battle stopped German offensive from capturing Paris and launched an allied attack that breaks German lines (western front) , when was it

2nd battle of the Marne, July 1918


What battle was the turning point of the war, German losing from then on, uses U.S. troops , and improved tanks

2nd battle of the Marne


When was the armistice signed

Nov 1918, 11th hour, 11th day, 11th month


What did the armistice do

Ended fighting with Germany , just before allies cross into Germany