The Perfect Gift for a Student or Teacher!

Brainscape users are proven to earn better grades, higher test scores, and faster fluency of foreign languages. Now you can give this gift to other important students in your life.

Recipients of a Brainscape Pro virtual gift card will receive:

  • Unlimited study of all premium classes, on both Brainscape’s website and mobile app. (Includes test prep, foreign languages, and academic classes)

  • Advanced “smart flashcard” creation tools used by top Ivy League students and Fortune 500 businesses

  • Scientifically proven study features like goal-setting, custom stats reports, and the ability to “bookmark” tricky concepts for deeper review

  • Accolades for being the smartest, most cultured person in any social setting

Whomever receives this gift will be thanking you for years to come. Give the gift of Brainscape Pro before this sale ends!

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