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Want to learn how the government is supposed to work (even if it seems not to these days)? Trying to score a 5 on the AP Gov exam? This web & mobile flash card based study guide is the perfect complement to any textbook.


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Is your goal to get a 5 on the AP U.S. Government exam in May? You're now one step closer! This fun, easy-to-use app covers all the fundamental material from the College Board's AP U.S. Government topic outline, and will help you to study them efficiently in either a web browser or in the Brainscape mobile app.

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The Best AP US Government Crash Course

You will not find a more effective, efficient, and convenient AP Govt prep app anywhere. This product:

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Brainscape's AP U.S. Government app includes 600+ flashcards across 18 decks organized as follows:

  • Foundations of the U.S. Government

  • The Constitution

  • Federalism

  • Public Opinion

  • Political Participation

  • Political Parties

  • Campaigns and Elections

  • Interest Groups

  • The Media

  • Congress

  • The Presidency

  • The Bureaucracy

  • The Judiciary

  • Civil Rights

  • Civil Liberties

  • Domestic and Economic Policy

  • Foreign and Military Policy

  • U.S. Presidents

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Lessons in this Class

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Foundations Of The U.S. Government

Beginning with Greco-Roman principles of democracy through the Articles of Confederation system, this deck examines the underpinnings of the American political system.


The Constitution

This deck covers America’s most important governing document, the Constitution. Important concepts such as the separation of powers, checks and balances, and the Constitution’s structure are examined.



The constitutional division of powers between federal and state governments is a hallmark of the American political system. Study how the federalist system developed, the varying types of federalism, and how federalism operates today.


Public Opinion

Study the factors that shape public opinion and how those factors influence political decision-making and outcomes.


Political Participation

Learn the principles underlying political participation and how those principles affect political behavior.


Political Parties

Some of the most important institutions in the American political system are political parties. This deck examines the history, nature, and function of political parties in the U.S. political system.


Campaigns And Elections

The Constitution instituted elections as a regular function of the American political system. Important concepts such as voting rights, political campaigns, primaries, and balloting are covered in this deck.


Interest Groups

Interest groups play an ever increasing role in the American political landscape. This deck examines what interest groups are, what they do, and how they influence political decision-making.


The Media

Discover how the mass media evolved and developed into a powerful linkage institution connecting the citizenry to the government.



From fewer than 75 members in 1789, the U.S. Congress has grown to 435 members today. This deck examines Congress’ constitutional role, how legislation is enacted, and Congress’ organizational structure.


The Presidency

The role of the President in the American political system has grown exponentially since the days of George Washington. This deck describes the powers and privileges of the Presidency, its Constitutional underpinnings, and the role the President plays in the American political system.


The Bureaucracy

Pundits have said that “the bureaucracy is expanding to meet the needs of the bureaucracy.” This deck describes the growth, function, and role played by the bureaucracy.


The Judiciary

The American judiciary operates as a dual court system. Learn about how the judiciary is structured, how it works, and its decision-making powers.


Civil Rights

Each American is granted fundamental civil rights under the Constitution. This deck examines these rights, the Constitutional guarantees, and the Supreme Court cases that have shaped the modern understanding of civil rights.


Civil Liberties

This deck traces judicial interpretations of American civil liberties such as freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and the rights of minority groups and women, and the effect of those decisions on the American people.


Domestic And Economic Policy

Increasingly, Americans have looked to the federal government to lead the way on domestic and economic policy. This deck reviews the fundamental domestic and economic concerns of the federal government and how government policies are transformed into action.


Foreign And Military Policy

As the world’s sole remaining superpower, the United States plays a unique role on the global stage. This deck examines how the federal government has translated foreign policy challenges into concrete decisions and actions overseas.


U.S. Presidents

Test your ability to identify all of the United States Presidents.