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Investigate significant events, individuals, developments, and processes from 1200 to the present with these comprehensive AP World History flashcards, compiled using top textbooks, test banks, tutors, and practice exams. Study online or in Brainscape’s mobile app and get ready to score a perfect 5!

From cultural developments and interactions to governance, economic systems, and technology and innovation, Brainscape’s AP World History test prep has distilled the entire required curriculum into a comprehensive collection of over 570 smart, adaptive flashcards. These have been neatly organized into topical decks that you can study anytime, anywhere via the Brainscape website or app for Android or iOS. All your progress will automatically sync between devices.

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Decks in this class (18)

Asia: 1200-1450
To educate students on the role of Asia in networks of exchange and the creation of a global tapestry, 1200-1450
23  cards
North and South America: 1200-1450
To educate students on the role of the Americas in networks of exchange and the creation of a global tapestry, 1200-1450, specifically on the eve of Spanish invasion.
24  cards
Africa: 1200-1450
To educate students on the role of the Africa in networks of exchange and the creation of a global tapestry, 1200-1450
15  cards
Europe: 1200-1450
To educate students on the role of Europe in networks of exchange and the creation of a global tapestry, 1200-1450
30  cards
Europe: 1450-1750
To educate students on the expansion of European empires throughout the world, and how they helped to establish trans-oceanic connections
56  cards
Asia: 1450-1750
To educate students on the role that Asian land-based empires played in the trans-oceanic connections Europe was establishing, especially in the Indian Ocean and in East Asia
35  cards
North and South America: 1450-1750
To educate students on the destruction of Native American socities, and how the aftermath of that destruction led to the establishment of trans-oceanic connections, specifically with Europe
33  cards
Africa: 1450-1750
To educate students on the events that occured in Africa from 1450-1750 that occured giving rise to the trans-atlantic slave trade
19  cards
North and South America: 1750-1900
To educate students on the revolutions that diminished European power in the Americas, providing the foundation for countries that eventually industrialized
26  cards
Asia: 1750-1900
To educate students on the rise of European colonial power in Asia, which was greatly assisted by European industrialization
32  cards
Africa: 1750-1900
To educate students on the subjugation and partition of Africa by European powers from 1750-1900.
17  cards
Europe: 1750-1900
To educate students on the world-wide domination of European powers around the world during this period
60  cards
To educate students on world events, with a special emphasis on the events leading to World War I
44  cards
The Interwar Years
This deck focuses on world events between World War I and World War II, how international peacekeeping bodies failed to ensure international tranquility, and how militarism and totalitarianism arose in Europe and East Asia.
49  cards
World War II
World War II was a global conflict that ranged from the shores of North America to China and Europe. This deck traces the path to war and the peace that emerged after the war's end.
24  cards
The Cold War
After World War II, world events took place against the background of conflict between the world's two superpowers, the Soviet Union and the United States. This deck examines the period between World War II and the fall of the Soviet Union.
49  cards
To educate students on the global struggle of colonized peoples, especially those in Africa and Asia, to attain and maintain their freedom from western powers
23  cards
To educate students on the modern-day phenomenon known as "globalization", specifically the global events that led to its creation
12  cards

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