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With great power comes great responsibility and—as someone hiking their way into the financial services industry’s Himalayas—your responsibility is to become deeply fluent in a great array of financial terms and definitions. Brainscape’s certified collection of CFA Terms and Definitions flashcards for the Level 1 exam of the CFA program is the fastest way to do that!

Our synchronized web/mobile experience uses spaced repetition to optimize your study time, while allowing you to track your progress, accelerating your journey towards your goal of becoming a Chartered Financial Analyst!

[What to expect from this class]

Brainscape has partnered with test prep company Studious, which offers personalized study tools for the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exam, among others; a notoriously challenging assessment. This collection of 1,000+ flashcards on financial terms and definitions is an important part of that test prep for the Level 1 exam, helping students like you to quickly and efficiently master the language they need to know to execute some of the more intricate analysis, interpretation, and decision-making involved in the industry.

From quantitative methods, financial statement analysis, and economics to portfolio management, alternative investments, and ethics; like a second language, the hundreds upon hundreds of terms and definitions within these broader categories need to be so deeply ingrained in your brain, that they’re a fixed part of your lexicon and mental reasoning.

All of these realms of CFA study—and more—have been meticulously broken down into decks of flashcards, which drill you on the terms you need to permanently add to your vocabulary and deeply understand as a Chartered Financial Analyst.

Brainscape’s customized flashcard repetition algorithm then dramatically cuts your memorization time, while providing ongoing feedback, statistics, and visualization tools to help you track your progress. Plus, in sync studying across Brainscape’s website and app allows you to study your Chartered Financial Analyst terms and definitions anytime, anywhere!

[The fastest way to learn terms and definitions for the CFA exam]

As a Chartered Financial Analyst, you hold all the chips: the knowledge to take large amounts of data and analyze opportunities for investment and interpret outcomes for business decisions. The CFA is one of the most coveted credentials in the financial services industry.

But it takes work and Brainscape’s certified CFA Terms and Definitions flashcards is the fastest way to help you rise to that challenge!

Decks in this class (10)

Quantitative Methods
Acquire knowledge of time value of money, data organization and visualization, probability concepts, common probability distributions, sampling and estimation, hypothesis testing, and linear regression.
194  cards
Discover market organization, security market indices, market efficiency, equity securities, industry and company analysis, and equity valuation.
83  cards
Fixed Income
Learn about fixed income securities, markets, valuation, asset-based securities, fixed income risk and return, and credit analysis.
166  cards
Financial Statement Analysis
Develop skills in financial statement analysis, reporting standards, income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement, financial analysis techniques, inventories, long-lived assets, income taxes, and non-current liabilities.
131  cards
Corporate Issuers
Explore corporate governance, capital sources and uses, cost of capital, capital structure, and measures of leverage.
77  cards
Study supply and demand analysis, market structures, economic growth, business cycles, monetary and fiscal policy, international trade, and currency exchange rates.
149  cards
Gain an understanding of derivative markets, instruments, pricing, and valuation.
62  cards
Alternative Investments
Learn the fundamentals of alternative investments and their role in investment portfolios.
30  cards
Understand ethics and trust in the investment profession, the code of ethics and professional conduct, guidance for ethical standards, the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS), and the application of ethics.
6  cards
Portfolio Management
Master portfolio management concepts, risk and return, portfolio planning and construction, behavioral biases, risk management, technical analysis, and the role of fintech in investment management.
102  cards

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