Constitutional Law

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Constitutional Law

Study the foundation of all law: The Constitution. Explore the separation of powers, the relationship between state and federal governments. Discover our basic rights and freedoms. Learn to examine the constitutionality of any law!


Constitutional Law

Study the foundation of all laws: The Constitution. You will explore the separation of powers, the relationship between the states and the federal government. You will discover our most basic rights and freedoms. After studying, you will be able to examin the constitutionality of any law.

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Lessons in this Class

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Federal Judicial System

Discover the origins of the Federal Judicial system. Learn the constitutional requirements for claims to appear in Federal Court.


Equal Protection

Seek the origins of the equal protection clause. Learn the extent of its protection and the levels of scrutiny applied when a violation is claimed.


Separation of Powers

Explore the Constitutional powers enumerated to each Federal branch. From military spending to agency regulations, the underpinnings of Federal power dynamics are yours to master!


Federal-State System

Dig into State's rights and the limits of the Federal Government's ability to interfere. Analyze the prevailing law when state and Federal law conflict.


Due Process

Delve into the triggers of due process and what is required by the government when it is triggered. Test yourself on the triggers and protection for: procedural v. substantive due process.


Religion & Speech

Learn what you have a right to say and where you are legally entitled to say it. Probe into the complex relationship between the government and religion.


Rapid Fire

Knowledge Alert: A tsunami of Constitutional law concepts awaits you. Luckily, your brain brought its surfboard. You got this!