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Fun conversation starters flashcards for work, family, friends, parties, dates & relationships.

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Got a business retreat coming up? A party with friends, romantic date, or family gathering? Simply flip through Brainscape’s conversation starter flashcards in “Browse mode” to transform your surface-level conversations about the weather into something much deeper, more thought-provoking, or even scandalous!

In these eight decks of 380+ conversation starter flashcards, you’ll discover a glorious spectrum of intriguing questions from those that spark…

Casual discussion: “Do you have a secret talent?” and “What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten?” …Controversial debate: “Which technology should not have been invented?” and “Should prisoners have the right to vote?”

…and the hilarious, embarrassing, or pretty awesome secrets and stories we all harbor: “Who in the room can swear in the most languages?” and “Never have I ever seen a ghost or UFO”.

Short of a 20,000 gigaton polar-class icebreaker ship, there isn’t a more efficient way than these conversation starter flashcards to break the ice, cut the crap, and grease the wheels of the chats you WISH you were having!

Oh, and for the parents out there, these conversation starter flashcards are completely safe for young minds; although adult users can go wherever they like with the prompts 😈.

How to use these conversation starter flashcards

Do you see the “Start Studying” button at the top of this page? Simply hit that button, and it’ll instantly add the class to your Brainscape dashboard. It’s that simple! But here’s the important part…

You’ll use these conversation starter flashcards differently from how you’ve been using Brainscape to study your more academic subjects. Instead, dive into the specific deck that interests you—or that is most relevant to your social situation—and select ’Browse’ mode rather than "Study" mode.

This will allow you to swipe through the conversation starters without having to flip them over to reveal the answers (because we don’t provide those: your friends will) or having to rate your confidence level, as you would if you were actually using Brainscape to study, learn, and remember information.

Just use Browse mode, not Study mode. That’s all there is to it!

Bookmark your favorite conversation starters

If you’re really organized—or worried about being put on the spot with an embarrassing question while on a date—you can browse through your Conversation Starter flashcards beforehand and bookmark the ones that most intrigue you, whether you’d like to answer them yourself or learn your friends’, family’s, or date’s answers.

In the Brainscape mobile app, simply tap on the bookmark icon on the left-hand side of any flashcards you'd like to highlight for future reference.

Let us know your favorite conversation starter!

If you love our Conversation Starter flashcards and have a story about how they saved you from the express bus to Cringeville OR have a few of your own conversation starters you’d like to suggest, find us on Instagram or TikTok and let us know!

Brainscape is a team of humans who simply adore other human stories. Plus, the more we normalize social awkwardness and vulnerability, the less, well, awkward it becomes! Also, this is a living collection of flashcards, which means that anytime we come across a great (PC/PG) suggestion, we'll add it!

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