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Picture this… You're with your golfing buddies, prepping in the locker room before your tee time. Just as your clumsy friend starts putting on their golf socks, you quip "Be careful you don't get a hole in one!", with perfect timing. Boom. The room erupts in laughter.

This is the level of effortless comedic wit and timing that you can expect to develop with Brainscape's funny jokes flashcards.

Our team scoured thousands of the internet's "best jokes" lists so you don't have to, and we whittled them down into just the funniest jokes, puns, and one-liners that are super quick and easy to tell.

We then transformed them into this collection of funny jokes flashcards, making it ridiculously easy to learn (and remember) a huge repertoire of funny jokes that you can then regurgitate in any appropriate social situation, in a way that best fits the moment.

How Brainscape's funny jokes flashcards work

The unique thing about these flashcards is that the "Question" side is actually not part of the joke itself, but rather a simple cue that trains you when to remember the joke out in the real world.

For example, in the joke above, the question side of the flashcard would simply be: "What's that joke about golf and socks?", where the full version of the joke would be confined to the answer side.

This learning format trains you to not obsessively remember the joke verbatim, but rather just the primary association (golf + socks → 'a hole in one'), which you can easily repurpose into many ways to tell the joke, depending on your situation.

So, whether your friend is just putting on a regular pair of socks (not necessarily for golf), or whether they are simply going to play golf (with nothing to do with socks), your Brainscape memory may still trigger that memory, which you can transform on the spot as needed:

[Friend is going to play golf] "Remember to bring a second pair of socks in case you get a hole-in-one!" [Friend is putting on socks] "Just be sure you don't play golf in those socks, 'cause you might get a hole-in-one!" [Pure joke-telling] "Why should golfers be careful when putting on their socks? … They might get a hole-in-one!"

You get the idea. Brainscape trains you on the simple association or cue, and your brain and social situation will handle the rest. With this automatic newfound versatility, you'll have the artillery you need to constantly make people laugh.

How Brainscape helps you learn faster and remember for longer

The secret sauce behind this magical drilling of jokes into your brain is the same system used by top medical students and foreign language savants to become masters of their respective disciplines: spaced repetition.

Each time you reveal a joke flashcard in Brainscape, the screen asks you to rate "How well did you know this" on a scale of 1-5. The answer you provide allows our AI to determine precisely how soon to repeat that card next, for your optimal memory benefit. Low-rated cards (1s and 2s) will repeat again soon, while higher-rated cards (4s and 5s) will repeat decreasingly often until they are so ingrained in your brain that you never need to see them again.

With Brainscape's Funny Jokes flashcards, you get:

  • 10 Decks of flashcards divided into topics like relationships, cooking and daily life
  • Easy access to study online or in Brainscape's mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • A spaced repetition learning system customized to your unique pace of learning
  • Bookmark tools to make it easy to quiz yourself
  • Lots of analytics so you can easily track your progress and build good study habits
  • Leaderboards to see how your progress compares to other people around the world

So get started today, and be sure to send Brainscape some royalties when you get that big deal for your HBO stand-up comedy special!

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