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Want the most efficient new resource to add to your Bar Review & MBE preparation? This is it: Bar Boost provides the most comprehensive set of over 2400 MBE flashcards available, based on real practice exam questions. Brainscape's web & mobile spaced repetition study program is the most effective learning tool available anywhere!


Feel like you're getting nowhere with your Bar Prep? Feel like you're studying all day and night and nothing is sticking? Don't worry, we've been there too! You may be wasting a huge portion of your time studying due to inefficient learning. Let me tell you how you can study BETTER & FASTER.

The Best MBE Prep App

Brainscape's team of attorneys and legal educators have worked tirelessly to create the most comprehensive flashcards to prepare you for the ultimate test of knowledge and endurance: The Bar Exam.

We spent thousands of hours researching existing test prep content, scouring past exams, and breaking down content into the most convenient bite-sized Q&A format possible. We then tested our sample flashcards with dozens of top law students in order to curate the most comprehensive (yet concise & digestible) set of MBE study materials anywhere.

Tons of Practice Questions

Our joint venture has created nearly 2,500 flash cards that provide an in-depth review of all major subject areas on the Multistate Bar Exam (MBE): Constitutional Law, Civil Procedure, Contracts, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Evidence, Real Property, and Torts.

In many cases, these flashcards are simply background knowledge that you will need to apply on more complex case studies on your practice tests. And in other cases, the flashcards present a mini practice exam question of its own, forcing you to think like a lawyer just like the exam writers intended.

More efficient than Barbri, Kaplan, or Critical Pass

Better yet, we have packaged all of this essential knowledge into the most effective study system on the planet: Brainscape!

Bar Boost works by PERSONALIZING the timing of each flashcard repetition, using proven cognitive science. Unlike clunky traditional bar exam courses, , Brainscape's proprietary learning algorithm called Confidence-Based repetition (CBR) spaces the repetition of each bite-sized concept based on exactly the right interval for YOUR brain.

About the Content in Bar Boost

Bar Boost was developed by a team of attorneys from The University of North Carolina School of Law with learning scientists from Yale and Columbia Universities. The team recognized that the tools provided in full-service Bar Review programs (BarBri, Kaplan, Themis, etc) were not aligned with the demands of today's Bar Exam. The key to success on the Bar Exam is the ability to quickly recall and apply bite-sized portions of law; however, the current long-winded structure of Bar Review miss the mark on creating an effective study resource for ingraining the information needed for success.

Brainscape's Bar Boost has condensed ALL the core concepts covered in these full-service programs into the bite-sized facts that students can easily learn and leverage for success on the Bar Exam. We used a combination of old Bar Exams, course notes, competitors' test prep books, and advice from experienced tutors to ensure quality and COMPREHENSIVENESS. Dozens of student testers from top schools have helped us continually refine the content toward perfection over a period of two years. And now THOUSANDS of top students are using it to boost their scores on the MBE.

Bar Boost delivers and aligns to the comprehensive review provided in bar review programs, but does so with the focus of real legal experts leveraging the reality of today's Bar Exam.

Why Bar Boost Works:

Intelligent Cumulative Exposure (ICE), another proprietary Brainscape method -- is a system of introducing concepts incrementally, at gradually increasing difficulty while repeating the tough concepts in the right intervals of time based on YOUR confidence levels. ICE is also a method that explains legal nuances in PLAIN ENGLISH rather than hoping you just figure them out through immersion.

You should be building yourself up by scaffolding one concept at a time.

The problem is that there are currently NO apps on the market that apply the CBR and ICE methods effectively. That's because creating a comprehensive curriculum based on Intelligent Cumulative Exposure takes WORK, and most app developers have been more concerned with flashy software than with actual learning science.


Brainscape’s learning scientists from Columbia and Yale Universities have spent the past THREE YEARS developing a complete, scientifically optimized learning platform specifically for the mobile environment. In the process, we have created the first web and mobile app based around Confidence-based Repetition and Intelligent Cumulative Exposure. Check out the white papers on our website, explaining the cognitive science behind why this works.

With Bar Boost, you get:

  • 2,500 total cards with in-depth coverage of every Multistate Bar Exam subject

  • The same degree of quality that you could expect from the best bar exam courses

  • Ongoing feedback, statistics, and visualization tools to help you track your progress

  • In-sync studying across Brainscape’s website and all your iOS devices

  • A carefully tailored curriculum that builds on previous concepts and guides you from definition to legal analysis

  • Over 400 cards enabled with online resources for deep-dive learning

  • A simple elemental review of the most frequently tested subject areas

Now go crush the bar!!







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Classes in this Collection


Federal Civil Procedure

From venue to the appeals process, explore every step of federal civil procedure. After studying this subject you will be empowered to tackle any procedural question from the beginning to the end of a lawsuit.

6 Decks   315 Cards   11,158 Learners

Constitutional Law

Study the foundation of all law: The Constitution. Explore the separation of powers, the relationship between state and federal governments. Discover our basic rights and freedoms. Learn to examine the constitutionality of any law!

7 Decks   327 Cards   11,450 Learners

Contract Law

The foundations of business transactions here for your eye's only! From UCC contracts to common law contracts, this subject covers it all. Whether you're looking to modify a contract or defend yourself from an unwanted contract, this is for you.

9 Decks   337 Cards   11,317 Learners

Criminal Law

From arson to murder, study an elemental breakdown of all of the major crimes tested on the Multistate Bar Exam. After studying this subject you will be able to immediately assess the criminal liability of any action.

6 Decks   217 Cards   11,415 Learners

Criminal Procedure

Study the confines of the criminal justice system. Discover when the government has the right to search and sieze. Explore their ability to detain and question subjects. Armed with this knoweldge, protect the constitutional rights of yourself and others.

4 Decks   230 Cards   11,219 Learners


Evidence is the fuel to the fire of litigation. Learn the ins and outs of admissibility, relevancy, and hearsay. After studying this subject, you will be able to analyze the admissibility of any piece of evidence.

9 Decks   313 Cards   11,217 Learners

Real Property

There is no asset more unique than land; they're not making any more of it. Study the unique laws that apply to land transactions. From tenant-landlord relations to competing claims, this subject has it all. Never fear another property question again.

6 Decks   332 Cards   11,219 Learners


From slip-and-fall liability to products liability, explore the law of torts. Wherever their is an injury you will be able to analyze the liability of the injuror and the injuree. After studying this subject, you will savor any torts questions you encounter.

5 Decks   385 Cards   11,235 Learners