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Memorizing amino acid structures giving you a headache? Having trouble remembering all those electrostatics equations? Improve your understanding of MCAT science content FASTER than with any other service.

How Hard is the MCAT?

In terms of mental effort, the MCAT Physical Sciences, Critical Analysis, and Verbal Reasoning questions really aren't that difficult. You're not calculating quantum mechanics or performing brain surgery; you're simply answering questions that tie together a variety of concepts from your mental knowledge bank.

The trick is figuring out how to most effectively build that mental knowledge bank in the first place. Especially considering the recent changes to the exam, being able to ace the MCAT requires knowing THOUSANDS of micro-science facts that you can quickly recall, and combine with other information, at any time. And that's why you need the world's most effective memory-building tool to drill that knowledge into your skull!

Score a 528 on the MCAT!

Stop wasting time highlighting workbooks or lugging around paper flash cards. Brainscape + NextSteps' MCAT app -- combined with other books and practice tests -- is guaranteed to get you one of the top scores.

Brainscape has embarked on setting the highest standard for MCAT prep in the web/mobile community by partnering with Next Step Test Prep, a national leader in top-notch MCAT content and one-on-one tutoring. This flashcards collection -- and iTunes app also available -- was developed entirely by professional test-prep experts with years of experience and scores in the 99.9th percentile.

To create these flashcards, we not only hired top tutors who had access to test questions from many old exams, but we also scoured books made by top experts and publishers to ensure that we didn't miss any major concepts. We tested this app with a focus group of several students who all scored more than a 500 on their subsequent practice exam.

Pairing Brainscape's adaptive learning platform with the detailed MCAT knowledge has helped thousands of students. Next Step now wants to help YOU improve your score with the highest level of expertise available. After all, to ace the exam, you need a system that efficiently pinpoints the areas where you need content review most!

MCAT Science Review includes:

  • 2600+ dynamic flashcards with in-depth coverage of biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, and physics

  • Thorough review of the highest-yield biochem topics, including amino acids, metabolism, and bioenergetics

  • Guaranteed coverage of all AAMC topic areas, cross-referenced with the AAMC official outline

  • Organization mirroring the AAMC's subdivision of topics, ensuring each topic is reviewed to the competency level tested on the MCAT

  • An MCAT expert-designed tiered system, which progressively tests each topic from simple definitions to the most complex examples and applications, mirroring how the material appears on the real exam

-A customized flashcard repetition algorithm that cuts your memorization time dramatically

  • Ongoing feedback, statistics, and visualization tools to help you track your progress

How to Study

You can easily get started studying online for FREE, and easily sync your study progress between the Brainscape website and iPhone or Android app. If you agree with thousands of top medical students that Brainscape is the most effective way to study, then you can upgrade for full access to the flash cards.

Best of luck in your studies either way!







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Classes in this Collection


MCAT Biology

There is a ton of bio on the new MCAT. Master it faster with Brainscape and Next Step Test Prep.

14 Decks   912 Cards   45,119 Learners

MCAT Biochemistry

Biochemistry is new to the MCAT, and we've got you covered! Learn everything you need to know about biochem -- as efficiently and quickly as possible.

3 Decks   156 Cards   41,683 Learners

MCAT Gen. Chemistry

Brainscape and Next Step Test Prep are here to help you master MCAT GenChem faster than ever.

10 Decks   535 Cards   41,628 Learners

MCAT Physics

Our new and improved MCAT Physics subject will help you master physics faster than ever!

11 Decks   530 Cards   41,510 Learners

MCAT Org. Chemistry

Tackle MCAT Orgo with the best study tool available, brought to you by Brainscape and Next Step Test Prep.

10 Decks   476 Cards   41,401 Learners

MCAT Psychology

There's a ton of psychology too on the MCAT now. Master it faster with Brainscape and Next Step Test Prep.

7 Decks   354 Cards   28,942 Learners

MCAT Sociology

Are you ready for MCAT Sociology? Master it faster with Brainscape and Next Step Test Prep.

5 Decks   195 Cards   28,464 Learners