MCAT Biochemistry

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MCAT Biochemistry

Biochemistry is new to the MCAT, and we've got you covered! Learn everything you need to know about biochem -- as efficiently and quickly as possible.


With the recent addition of biochemistry to the MCAT, you need to know more than ever before: amino acid structures, metabolic processes, the details of enzyme kinetics, and more. But don’t worry! With this subject, you can master MCAT biochem content as quickly as possible and be ready to ace those tough passages.

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Lessons in this Class

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Enzymes And Bioenergetics

Having trouble interpreting a Lineweaver-Burk plot, or remembering why ATP is so biologically unique? Use these cards to master some of biochem's most high-yield topics.


Amino Acids

Take any practice exam and you'll notice the same trend: amino acid questions appear constantly. From their structures and abbreviations to titration curves and isoelectric focusing, these cards will help you master amino acids as they appear on the MCAT.



From glycolysis to the electron transport chain, metabolism can seem like a huge and intimidating topic. Use these cards to master these complex concepts and ace the Biological & Biochemical Foundations section of the MCAT.