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Being fluent in medical Spanish enables you to understand and be understood by the Spanish-speaking patients you care for while making you a great candidate for professional travel opportunities in Spanish-speaking countries all over the world. And by optimizing your study time with spaced repetition, Brainscape’s complete collection of Medical Spanish flashcards will get you to fluency as fast as humanly possible!

What to expect from Brainscape’s Medical Spanish flashcards

Through Brainscape’s collaboration with the Spanish language educators and medical experts of Amolingua—led by experienced linguist Ekaterina Matveeva—we curated these 57 decks of 1,700+ medical Spanish flashcards to make your learning journey fast, impeccably organized, accessible, and engaging.

What you’ll learn from these Medical Spanish flashcards is how to:

  • Speak (and understand) a smorgasbord of complex medical Spanish vocabulary;
  • Communicate medical Spanish terminology, conditions, care instructions, and diagnoses with patients;
  • Speak with confidence to professional foreign-language colleagues;
  • Study for and ace any medical Spanish exam; and, overall…
  • Improve your standard and efficacy of care for your Spanish-speaking patients.

The medical Spanish terminology presented in this class is a distilled-down compilation of resources that include William C. Harvey’s “Spanish for Health Care Professionals”; the Centre for Disease Control (CDC); the Diccionario de Enfermedades; the Cleveland Clinic Health Library; and the National Heart, Blood & Lung Institute.

The goal of these Medical Spanish flashcards is to equip you with the vocabulary and deep understanding necessary to better communicate your services, diagnoses, and care instructions to your patients, as well as the other doctors and healthcare providers you work with. And, if you plan on taking any exams, our Medical Spanish flashcards will help you study for those too!

Advice for getting the most out of this medical Spanish flashcards

As a budding or current healthcare professional, we bet you already have a lot of other responsibilities and learning to manage, so here are our best tips for getting the most out of our Medical Spanish flashcards…

1. Study a little bit every day

The key to learning Medical Spanish terminology fast is investing time every single day to practice, practice, practice the new vocabulary and phrases our flashcards teach you. Even if you can only spare 15 minutes here, 5 minutes there, that time adds up and compounds. Use those little opportunities throughout your day to work through a 10-flashcard study round and, before long, those complex medical terms and phrases will start flowing right off your tongue.

2. Be stingy with the 5’s

Every time you rate your confidence in a medical Spanish term, you instruct Brainscape’s spaced repetition algorithm how frequently to show you that card again. The higher you rate a card on that scale of 1 to 5, the longer it’ll be until you’ll see it again. This is how the app drills you on your weaknesses, while saving you time on the terminology you’re confident in. Just make sure that you only rate a card a ‘5’ when you are 100% sure you’ll never, ever forget it again.

3. Join the community!

Find Brainscape on Instagram and our Medical and Language channels on YouTube, where, every day, we share our best advice on how to rise to your challenge by optimizing your learning and life habits.

Also join us on Discord, where people learning medicine and languages with Brainscape hang out every day! Importantly, you could find a foreign-language partner who you can practice your conversation skills with.

So, whether you’re a trained healthcare professional with ambitions of moving to or volunteering in a Spanish-speaking country, or simply want to better serve the Spanish-speaking people in your home country, download Brainscape’s Medical Spanish flashcards right now to rise to the challenge of a thrilling and fulfilling career in healthcare!

Additional free resources for students learning medical Spanish vocabulary:

Decks in this class (57)

Learn key terms and phrases about arthritis in Spanish to communicate with your patients without a language barrier.
30  cards
This deck will equip you with the knowledge of Spanish terms for bones and everything connected to them.
30  cards
In this deck, we dive into the knowledge around muscles, and how you can talk about them in Spanish.
30  cards
Chest pain and angina
Learn about chest pain and angina, find out what to say in Spanish when your patients mention some of the symptoms.
30  cards
Cholesterol! Is it good? Is it bad? How to talk about it in Spanish? Find out in this deck!
30  cards
Congestive heart failure
This deck will help you to navigate conversations around congestive heart failure.
30  cards
Coronary heart disease
Master Spanish phrases about coronary heart disease to connect with your patients.
30  cards
Heart attack
What happens during a heart attack? You may know how to talk about it in English, but with this deck you will learn how to talk about it in Spanish.
31  cards
In this deck, learn Spanish terms and phrases around one of the most vital organs in our body - the heart.
33  cards
Valve repair
This deck provides you with the knowledge of Spanish phrases about valve repair.
30  cards
Women's heart diseases
In this deck, we dive deep into the world of women's heart diseases, in Spanish.
30  cards
Dental Cavities
In this deck, you will learn everything connected to cavities in Spanish.
30  cards
Dental Hygiene
This deck is a great place to get knowledge in Spanish about dental hygiene.
30  cards
This deck takes a peek at the Spanish phrases around braces. It will help you to excel at your dental practice.
30  cards
Mouth and Teeth
In this deck, we dive deep into the world of mouth and teeth, and everything about them in Spanish.
30  cards
This deck gives you Spanish terms and phrases connected to periodontitis.
30  cards
Drugs and addictions
You will learn in this deck how to communicate in Spanish about drugs and addictions.
30  cards
You will learn how to talk in Spanish about constipation with your patients.
30  cards
Digestive system
In this deck, we will dive deep into the realm of the digestive system. You will learn various terms and phrases in Spanish.
30  cards
Food poisoning
In this deck, you will learn useful phrases in Spanish connected to food poisoning.
30  cards
Hepatitis A and vaccines
Hepatitis A. Learn new Spanish phrases about this subject and how to talk about vaccines.
30  cards
This deck gives you a deeper look at Spanish phrases on the subject of hepatitits.
30  cards
Reflux disease
Have a look at this deck to pick up Spanish useful phrases about reflux disease.
30  cards
Advanced directives at hospital
A deck with absolute must know phrases if you work at hospital with Spanish-speaking patients.
30  cards
Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)
Discover how to talk to your Spanish-speaking patients about UTI - Urinary Tract Infections. This deck contains all the phrases you need.
30  cards
Diabetes and heart disease
This deck provides you with Spanish phrases on diabetes and heart disease to use with your patients.
30  cards
Dive into the world of diabetes and learn how to talk about it in Spanish with the help of this deck.
30  cards
Diabetes type 1
Have a deeper look at Spanish phrases on diabetes, learning about diabetes type 1.
30  cards
Endocrine system
This deck opens the world of the endocrine system. Learn Spanish phrases to break the language barrier with your patients.
30  cards
Gestational diabetes
Have a deeper look at diabetes with this deck, learning new Spanish phrases about gestational diabetes.
30  cards
This deck contains all the phrases you need to talk to Spanish-speaking patients about asthma.
30  cards
Asthma and pregnancy
Take a deeper look at asthma, by learning new Spanish phrases for asthma and pregnancy.
30  cards
Cough and coughing
Cough. How to talk about coughing in Spanish? This deck has the answers.
30  cards
Help your patients when they suffer from allergies. Learn the Spanish phrases from this deck and help more people.
30  cards
Anemia and Iron deficiency
Take this deck to learn new Spanish phrases about anemia and iron deficiency to help your patients.
30  cards
Breast cancer
Breast cancer. A tough topic to talk about across languages. Help your patients by learning how to talk about it in Spanish. All the useful phrases are in the deck.
30  cards
Chicken pox and vaccines
Learn how to talk about symptoms of chicken pox in Spanish by learning phrases from this deck.
30  cards
Skin and skin cancer
Learn how to talk about everything skin-related in Spanish. Check out this deck.
30  cards
Learn Spanish phrases about tonsils, tonsillitis and adenoids in this deck.
30  cards
Pap Smear
When your female patients come to you, it's good to help them feel more comfortable by breaking a language barrier. Learn Spanish phrases about pap smear with this deck.
30  cards
Pelvic Inflammatory disease
This deck provides you with a set of Spanish phrases about pelvic inflammatory disease to help you to work with your patients.
30  cards
Sexually Transmitted Diseases - SDTs
Safety first. This deck takes you on the learning journey about SDTs and how to talk about them in Spanish.
30  cards
SDTs and Pregnancy
Get a deeper look at SDTs by checking out this deck and learning Spanish phrases on SDTs and pregnancy.
30  cards
Birth Defects
This deck gives you a list of useful phrases on birth defects. Check it out and improve your medical Spanish.
30  cards
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Learn with this deck Spanish phrases about fetal alcohol syndrome.
30  cards
Labor and Delivery
Dive into the world of baby delivery and labor. Learn Spanish phrases on this with the help of this deck.
30  cards
Low birthweight
Learn with this deck how to talk in Spanish about low birthweight.
30  cards
Pregnancy morning sickness
This deck gives you a set of Spanish phrases on pregnancy morning sickness. Check it out.
30  cards
Newborn screening tests
Learn how to talk in Spanish to your patients about newborn screening tests.
30  cards
Alzheimer's Disease
Alzheimer's disease. A serious topic. See how you can talk about it in Spanish with your patients and their relatives.
30  cards
Alzheimer’s Disease - safety check
This deck gives you a great list of Spanish phrases on safety check for people with Alzheimer’s Disease.
30  cards
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder - ADHD
Learn Spanish phrases about ADHD with this deck.
30  cards
Ear infection
Learn new Spanish phrases about ear infection and see how you can communicate about it with your patients.
30  cards
Eye Care
This deck contains a great list of Spanish phrases related to eye care. Check it out.
30  cards
Eye emergencies
Learn new phrases about eye emergencies
30  cards
Eyes and vision
This deck takes you to Spanish phrases on eyes and vision to help you to communicate with your patients without a language barrier.
30  cards
Check out this great deck with useful Spanish phrases around glaucoma.
30  cards

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