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If you’re looking for a fast, fun way to master the names and stories of some of humankind’s most notable people, Brainscape's web and mobile app Confidence-Based Repetition (CBR) technology will help you learn who they are and what they did super fast and efficiently!

The best study app for people you should know

Don’t you hate it when the smart, ridiculously good-looking person you’re talking to drops an historic name into the conversation … and you have no idea who they’re talking about? The name rings a bell, but you just don’t remember what they were famous for. So you nod your head vigorously, pretending like you’re totally into the conversation, but underneath it all, you feel like a total cretin and a fraud.

The good news is that you can arrest these scenarios—and the countless others like them—in their footsteps with Brainscape’s collection of "People You Should Know" flashcards! Featuring over 2,000 flashcards, you’ll effectively and efficiently memorize the names of over 1,000 major figures in human history in realms that span from U.S. and world history to music, sports, and show business.

Don’t get caught with your pants down during the next cocktail party, pub quiz, flirtatious conversation, date, or debate with your wiseass dad-in-law. Know your names with Brainscape’s flashcards, which deliver the facts as both names and their contributions to humanity (whether for good or evil).

How Brainscape helps you learn faster and remember for longer

The brain is hardwired to learn and remember information a certain way. The Brainscape™ flashcard app was born out of the question: what if we leveraged this hardwiring to help students learn more efficiently? Fueled by curiosity, our team of cognitive scientists from Columbia and Yale spent years developing a scientifically optimized learning platform to boost your learning.

Our "secret sauce" is a learning algorithm that delivers information to your brain in a way that optimizes its ability to retain that information. And it’s the spaced repetition of general knowledge content at precisely the right interval for YOUR brain that makes Brainscape so effective for remembering the facts.

With Brainscape’s People You Should Know course, you get a study tool that:

  • Includes over 2,000 flashcards that cover information about 1000+ major figures from history.
  • Improves your knowledge faster than any other program.
  • Is engaging, accessible, and convenient to use.
  • Leverages your brain’s cognitive hardwiring so you can learn concepts so much more efficiently.
  • Is packed with flashcards tested among hundreds of top teachers & students before being published.
  • Delivers ongoing feedback, statistics, and visualization tools to help you track your progress.
  • Supports in-sync studying across Brainscape’s website and all your iOS and Android devices.

Time to go Attilla the Hun on your inability to describe the difference between Manet and Monet. Grab PYSK today and become the most interesting conversationalist in the room!

Satisfaction guaranteed.

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