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If you ever craved an “easy hack” for remembering the periodic table and its elements and trends as quickly and painlessly as humanly possible, these 1,400+ adaptive, digital flashcards are the answer you’ve been waiting for!

Whether you want to memorize the primary chemical symbols or all 118 of them—as well as their atomic numbers, masses, and melting and boiling points—our synchronized web/mobile experience uses spaced repetition to optimize your study time, getting you to mastery 2-5 times faster than any traditional study tactic.

You can also pick which deck(s) you want to study, so that you can curate your own education according to which attributes you want to ingrain. Additionally, the use of color-coding and interesting footnotes helps to strengthen your brain’s connection to the material, creating more in-depth semantic networks for easier information recall later on!

This is why Brainscape is the fastest way to memorize the periodic table!!

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[What’s included in these flashcards?]

This collection was carefully curated from IUPAC data (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry), as well as academically verified sources such as the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Each element is captured as an individual flashcard, testing your ability to translate the chemical symbol into the element (Ti → Titanium) and the element into the chemical symbol (Titanium → Ti). Then, there are decks of flashcards that test you on each element’s:

  • Atomic number
  • Atomic mass
  • State (gas, liquid, or solid) under standard conditions
  • Melting and boiling points
  • Groups and period, and
  • All of the above in single flashcards for each element.

If you’d just like to know the periodic table better, you could limit your memorization to just the names of the elements, their symbols, trends, and perhaps groups and periods. Alternatively, if you want to go further, you could memorize their atomic numbers, masses, melting and boiling points, and so on.

The images in every flashcard are taken directly from Brainscape's very own hand-crafted periodic table, with the colors representing element group classifications (e.g. transition metals are a dark blue).

The flashcards also enrich learning through the footnotes, which provide additional context, history, and interesting facts to strengthen your mental connection to the material, while making your learning experience that much more entertaining!

[Advice for getting the most out of this class]

As someone who’s studying science, you already have a lot of learning to do, so here are our best tips for getting the most out of our Periodic Table flashcards…

1. Be opportunistic with your flashcard studying Since memorizing the periodic table is more ancillary to your main science subjects (which are more demanding of your study time), using whatever spare 5 or 10 minutes you have throughout your day to work through your flashcards will be key to making quick progress. So, whenever you have a bit of time between classes, on the bus, or while waiting for a friend, take out Brainscape and fire off a quick 10-flashcard study round! And if you’re worried about the extra time investment now, just remember that it’ll massively accelerate your learning later on, rendering reading and writing chemical equations a breeze!

2. Be stingy with the 5’s Every time you rate your confidence in a flashcard, you instruct Brainscape’s spaced repetition algorithm how frequently to show you that card again. The higher you rate a card on that scale of 1 to 5, the longer it’ll be until you’ll see it again. This is how the app drills you on your weaknesses, while saving you time on the concepts you’re confident in. Just make sure that you only rate a card a ‘5’ when you are 100% sure you’ll never, ever forget it again.

3. Try with Brainscape's 'Smart Study' feature Pepper your periodic table flashcards into your existing study mix, which you can configure with Brainscape’s mobile ‘Smart Study’. So, for example, in between your biochemistry or astronomy flashcards, you’ll get a question that tests you on an element in the periodic table. Jumping back-and-forth between subjects is a study tactic called interleaving and it has been shown to promote strong, fast, and efficient learning.

4. Join the community! Find Brainscape on Instagram and YouTube, where, every day, we share our best advice on how to optimize your learning and life habits. Also join the community on Discord, where people studying chemistry with Brainscape hang out every day!

Finally, remember: as someone pursuing the sciences, you’ve got to learn a mountain of information … but the combination of good daily study habits and Brainscape is the smartest way to rise to your challenge!

Decks in this class (9)

Class Sample
Get a taste of what's to come with this 10-card sample deck, in which we grill you mercilessly on the primal atom that came before all others: Hydrogen (it's also what makes your farts flammable).
10  cards
Primary Chemical Symbols - Element Names
Become comfortable with matching the names of the first 36 elements including gold, silver, mercury, lead, and iodine to their letter-based chemical symbols.
82  cards
Secondary Chemical Symbols - Element Names
Learn the chemical symbols for elements beyond the main 41 elements by matching them to their element names.
154  cards
Atomic Number
Memorise the atomic number of elements, and recognise how you can use this to remember the number of protons and electrons they have.
236  cards
Atomic Mass
Memorise the atomic mass of elements to two decimal places.
236  cards
States of Elements
Memorise what state (solid, liquid, or gas) each element is found in under standard conditions (1 atm pressure and 25 °C / 298K)
236  cards
Melting & Boiling Points
Recall each element's melting and boiling points to two decimal places.
235  cards
Groups & Periods
Recall each element's melting and boiling points to two decimal places.
178  cards
Test Yourself: The Main Elements
Test your memory for the basic values and properties of 41 of the main elements.
82  cards

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