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Accelerate your personal growth while studying.

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So you want to improve your habits? Be healthier, happier, less reactionary, more focused, and better at life, love, career, and all that good stuff? Consider these personal development flashcards your port of embarkation!

The Brainscape team has painstakingly reviewed THOUSANDS of self-help books and condensed them into just a few dozen personal development flashcards that you can sprinkle into your daily studies to help you make consistent improvements to your habits, willpower, and personality.

The best part is that benefiting from these personal development flashcards will take ZERO minutes per day, since you'll just be incorporating them into how you're already using Brainscape for other subjects!

How to use Brainscape’s personal development flashcards

Be sure to pay attention to the following points because these flashcards are fundamentally different to the way you’ve studied before in Brainscape!

1. Use with Brainscape's 'Smart Study' feature Our Personal Development flashcards are not the typical flashcards you spend a week or two studying really hard in order to pass that next test or exam. Rather, they’re specifically designed to be used with Brainscape’s mobile ‘Smart Study’ feature.

This will interleave these concepts with the subjects you’re already studying so that in between your biology flashcards, for example, you’ll get a totally random but welcome reminder to work on yourself: to sit up straight, take a sip of water, practice a mantra that improves your focus or self-talk, or develop better health, financial, and social habits, etc.

Sure, you can pull off a quick 10-card round of Personal Development if you have a couple of minutes to spare and want to go deep. But to really squeeze the most value out of this carefully-curated collection, pepper them into your existing study mix, which you can configure with ‘Smart Study’. Done this way, the reminder or lesson each flashcard has for you will leave a much deeper mark on your brain.

2. Rate cards according to how much you need to be “nagged” Don’t rate these Personal Development flashcards based on how well you can recall their answers. Rather, rate them based on how often you want to see them again so as to be reminded of the important life lesson or skill that it teaches you.

So, for example, if you want more frequent reminders (or nags) to drink water, do an exercise at your desk, or practice gratitude, rate those flashcards 1’s and 2’s; but if you just need occasional reminders to stay focused on your purpose, budget wisely, or improve your self-talk, rate those cards 4’s and 5’s.

3. Don't try to rush mastery! We all love the sweet dopamine spike of seeing that mastery-o-meter rotate its way to 100 as you become better versed in a subject. But, that’s not the way these flashcards work so you’re only cheating yourself if you rush or cram them in an attempt to “check the box” and move on.

Besides, really doing this personal work, which requires rewiring your mind and habits, can take months or years. It’s through gentle persistence and repetition that the tips, habits, and nags we present in these flashcards become habituated and deeply ingrained.

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If you find it motivating to connect with other personal development geeks, or you’d like to get these nags in your daily social media feed, go find Brainscape on Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and YouTube, etc. where, every day, we share our best advice on how to rise to your challenge by optimizing your learning and life habits.

Remember, the best time to plant a fruit tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time is today so dive in, invest in your personal development, and spend the rest of your life enjoying the fruits of your work.

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