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Flashcards created by top respiratory care professionals to supplement the official preparation. Updated to reflect the latest NBRC TMC and CSE exams!

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Respiratory Therapy exam prep, the Brainscape way.

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This class has been updated to reflect the latest NBRC TMC and CSE exams!

There are myriad reasons for impaired breathing, both acute and chronic. And it’s respiratory therapists that patients rely on for a better quality of life and quicker recovery. Given the importance of this vocation, there are many vigorous examinations and certifications in place to train healthcare professionals adequately...but no study tools to help them study for these assessments.


Brainscape has over 500 web and mobile flashcards aligned to the content in JBL's Comprehensive Respiratory Therapy Exam Preparation Guide, Third Edition -- by Craig L. Scanlan and Albert J. Heuer.

What this means is: your studying has just become a whole lot easier!

The most effective NBRC TMC exam study guide

If you’re taking a Respiratory Therapy exam in the near future, you've come to the right place! Brainscape has proudly partnered with Jones & Bartlett Learning to produce a comprehensive set of adaptive digital flashcards aligned to their Comprehensive Respiratory Therapy Exam Preparation Guide: Third Edition.

This online and mobile resource was created by the original guide's authors, Craig Scanlan and Albert Heuer, along with JBL's team of content experts and editors. The content has been organized in a way that is especially compatible with Brainscape's scientifically optimized learning system.

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The brain is hardwired to learn and remember information a certain way. The Brainscape™ flashcard app was born out of the question: what if we leveraged this hardwiring to help students learn more efficiently? Fueled by curiosity, our team of cognitive scientists from Columbia and Yale spent years developing a scientifically optimized learning platform to boost your learning.

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With Brainscape’s Respiratory Therapy exam prep, you get:

  • An extensive study guide for respiratory therapy students and who are preparing to take the NBRC TMC exam.
  • Over 500 flashcards, neatly divided into decks for topic areas such as Patient Data Evaluation and Recommendations; Troubleshooting and Quality Control of Equipment; and Infection Control, and Initiation and Modification of Interventions.
  • Concepts that closely reflect the types of questions you'll see on the NBRC TMC exam.
  • Detailed feedback and question rationales for all difficult concept
  • Brainscape's scientifically proven learning system.

Visit JBL's Navigate 2 Test Prep platform for additional resources. Good luck with your studies!

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Decks in this class (17)

Chapter 01 - Evaluate Data in Patient Record
be able to assess relevant patient information in the patient medical record and apply it to optimize care
26  cards
Chapter 02 - Gather Clinical Information
be able to show proficiency in collecting and interpreting patient data via interview, physical examination, and review of x-rays
56  cards
Chapter 03 - Perform Procedures to Gather Clinical Information
be able to demonstrate knowledge of common diagnostic and monitoring procedures
36  cards
Chapter 04 - Evaluate Procedure Results
be able demonstrate proficiency in patient assessment as well as evaluate pertinent clinical data to determine the patient's condition, develop good treatment plans and evaluate responses to therapy.
47  cards
Chapter 05 - Recommend Diagnostic Procedures
be able to demonstrate a foundational knowledge of key diagnostic procedures as well as the ability to recommend them as needed
35  cards
Chapter 06 - Assemble and Troubleshoot Equipment
be able to demonstrate the knowledge needed to select, use, and troubleshoot key equipment.
60  cards
Chapter 07 - Ensure Infection Control
demonstrate the knowledge to ensure infection control such as hand hygiene and isolation procedures as well as equipment disinfection and handling of biohazardous waste
14  cards
Chapter 08 - Perform Quality Control Procedures
demonstrate the knowledge needed to perform quality control procedures to ensure the devices used perform as expected
16  cards
Chapter 09 - Maintain a Patent Airway
be able to demonstrate proficiency with many types of artificial airways available and know how to properly place, maintain, troubleshoot, and remove these devices
30  cards
Chapter 10 - Perform Airway Clearance and Lung Expansion Techniques
be able to perform airway clearance and lung expansion techniques
22  cards
Chapter 11 - Support Oxygenation and Ventilation
be able to demonstrate the knowledge needed to treat hypoxemia and initiating, optimizing, and discontinuing both invasive and noninvasive ventilatory support
30  cards
Chapter 12 - Administer Medications and Specialty Gases
be able to demonstrate the basics regarding application and modification of heliox and inhaled nitric oxide systems
20  cards
Chapter 13 - Ensure Modifications are Made to the Respiratory Care Plan
be able to demonstrate the knowledge needed to ensure modifications are made to the respiratory care plan in many areas based on patient's response and/or changes to clinical status.
62  cards
Chapter 14 - Evidence-Based Medicine Principles
be able to demonstrate knowledge related to locating, evaluating, and applying evidence-based or clinical practice guidelines in assessing a patient's physiologic state and making recommendations related to the patient's care plan
22  cards
Chapter 15 - Provide Respiratory Care in High-Risk Situations
Be able to demonstrate knowledge needed to provide respiratory care techniques in high-risk situations
19  cards
Chapter 16 - Assist a Provider in Performing Procedures
Be able to demonstrate the knowledge needed to act as an assistant to the physician performing a variety of special procedures
18  cards
Chapter 17 - Initiate and Conduct Patient and Family Education
Be able to demonstrate the knowledge needed to initiate and conduct patient and family education
13  cards

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