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HACKERS: Quick, what's the command to open the Rails console for the current RAILS_ENV?  What does the command "rails dbconsole/db " do? 


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Learn the Rails commands you need to know with Brainscape's innovative Rails review subject -- a fast, efficient way for you to brush up anytime, anywhere. Save the time you'd waste Googling commands and build your knowledge faster.!

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Ruby on Rails:

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Ruby on Rails contains over 60 flashcards across 2 decks organized as follows:

  • Rails commands by command name
  • Rails commands by function

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Lessons in this Class

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Rails Commands By Command Name

How do you generate a scaffold? How can I run JUST the integration tests? Internalize these Rails commands and become a faster coder.


Rails Commands By Function

What's the quick command to open the rails console for the current RAILS_ENV? Memorize these so you can become a faster, smarter Rails programmer