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SAT prep is now easier than ever! Brainscape will help you quickly absorb thousands of cards covering vocab, math, and reading. The best complement to any SAT study books or courses.


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Studying for the SAT is now a pleasure! Brainscape will help you quickly absorb hundreds of flashcards covering vocab, math, and reading. Even if you're studying for the ACT vs. SAT, we guarantee that you will learn faster than with any other product on the market. And you can start studying for FREE!

Product Reviews

  • Psycho78: "Amazing. Best SAT app I've seen."

  • D.hazen871: ". . . as someone who has tutored students for the SATs, this app is fantastic!"

  • All2551: "First deck is killer. Worth it for the first deck of cards alone!"

Subject Overview

SAT Prep will:

  • raise your score with great content developed by top folks from Princeton Review, Kaplan, and First Class Tutoring;

  • focus on nearly 1000 SAT vocabulary words most frequently tested;

  • accelerate your learning using an adaptive spaced repetition study system

  • cement new vocabulary in your brain using sample sentences, synonyms, pronunciation guidance, and reverse cards--in addition to clear definitions;

  • build your more general language skills with 300+ "word elements" (prefixes, suffixes, & roots);

  • help you ace the reading, writing, and basic arithmetic covered on the exam.


  • 44 decks totaling thousands of flashccards.

  • a scientifically-optimized algorithm that will accelerate your learning and cut down your study time dramatically.

So stop wasting your time with SAT games and other "fun" but ineffective apps and websites. Even if you already have an SAT tutor, there is no more effective way to improve your exam results faster than with this product.

Go boost your SAT score with Brainsacpe!







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Classes in this Collection


SAT Vocabulary

Improving your vocab for the SAT (and beyond) is easier than you think! Let Brainscape drill and help you quickly absorb 500 challenging words and 300+ English "word elements."

6 Decks   1,304 Cards   9,463 Learners

SAT Writing

Over 500 flashcards to help you learn the most essential strategies for nailing the SAT Writing section.

9 Decks   586 Cards   8,314 Learners

SAT Reading

Hundreds of flashcards to help you learn the most essential strategies for nailing the SAT Reading section.

22 Decks   2,062 Cards   8,246 Learners

SAT Math Fundamentals

Over 450 flashcards to help you learn the most essential arithmetic strategies for nailing the SAT Math section.

7 Decks   486 Cards   9,260 Learners