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The new Securities Industry Essentials (SIE) Exam is the first step to a career in financial services. The exam serves as a co-requisite to all other General Securities Exams and candidates must pass it to become a registered FINRA representative of any kind.

Unlike other FINRA exams, the SIE Exam is available to anyone. Typically, candidates for FINRA exams must be sponsored through a registered member firm to sit for an exam. The only requirement for the Securities Industry Essentials Exam is that candidates must be at least years of age. The exam consists of 75 graded multiple-choice questions, plus 10 experimental ungraded questions and candidates have 105 minutes to complete it. The SIE is valid for 4 years after passing.

Focus of the SIE Exam

All individuals who take the SIE are required to pass an additional “Top-Off” exam (such as the new Series 7 Top-Off, Series 6 Top-Off or Series 79 Top-Off) to be fully licensed.

The Securities Industry Essentials Exam focuses on fundamental knowledge of the securities industry. The exam will test on Knowledge of Capital Markets, Understanding Products and Their Risks, Understanding Trading, Customer Accounts and Prohibited Activities, and finally an Overview of Regulatory Framework.

The Best SIE Flashcards

We’re excited to partner with Knopman Marks , a leader in FINRA exam preparation to provide you with premium SIE Exam flashcards. Knopman Marks has the highest pass rates in the industry and has curated over 1,200 SIE flashcards for our students.

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How to Study for the SIE

The flashcards provided by Knopman Marks are broken into five decks, each covering an essential component of the SIE Exam content:

  • Deck 1: Understanding Products and Their Risks - Part 1
  • Deck 2: Understanding Products and Their Risks - Part 2
  • Deck 3: Knowledge of Capital Markets
  • Deck 4: Customer Accounts
  • Deck 5: Regulatory Framework and Industry Rules

These flashcards will help you to drill on critical information tested on the SIE Exam. However, they are not meant to be a complete study solution. Instead, they are designed to be used in conjunction with an SIE textbook, course, and full set of practice questions.





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Understanding Products and Their Risks - Part 1


Understanding Products and Their Risks - Part 2


Knowledge of Capital Markets


Customer Accounts


Regulatory Framework and Industry Rules