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Are you a TRUE sports junkie? Become the smartest pro football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and (English) soccer fan in the room.


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  • Over 1,600 dynamic flashcards covering #1 overall draft picks, pro sports franchises, notable records, and more from all four major American sports leagues, plus the English Premier League
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Classes in this Collection


NBA Trivia

Are you a TRUE hoops junkie? Use Brainscape to become the smartest pro basketball fan in the room.

7 Decks   1,133 Cards   33,668 Learners

NFL Trivia

Are you a TRUE football junkie? Brainscape will help you become the smartest football fan possible!

7 Decks   666 Cards   33,709 Learners

MLB Trivia

Are you a real baseball fan? Test yourself with Brainscape!

7 Decks   608 Cards   33,362 Learners

NHL Trivia

Are you a true hockey fan? Use Brainscape to make sure you're the most knowledgeable hockey fan in the room, at the rink, on campus, or at the office!

5 Decks   389 Cards   34,068 Learners

EPL Trivia

Are you a TRUE English football (soccer) junkie? Use Brainscape to become the smartest English Premier League fan in the room.

6 Decks   106 Cards   32,430 Learners