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Whether you're a developer or an amateur, these tools will help you memorize key commands and shortcuts.

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Tech Startup Genius

Tired of sounding like a NEWBIE when talking to investors and other seasoned tech entrepreneurs? This app will help you look SMARTER at the next meetup or cocktail party.

4 Decks   167 Cards   28,884 Learners

Keyboard Shortcuts

Learn the shortcuts and tricks that make computing a breeze, and never lose time -- or your temper -- at your PC or Mac again.  You can even become a whiz at using Siri on your iPhone!

7 Decks   334 Cards   34,390 Learners

Ruby on Rails

HACKERS: Quick, what's the command to open the Rails console for the current RAILS_ENV?  What does the command "rails dbconsole/db " do? 

2 Decks   64 Cards   20,932 Learners

Git Commands

Hackers, quick: What's the git command to check out a branch or paths to the working tree?  Memorize these things FAST, so you can become a faster coder.

4 Decks   332 Cards   27,210 Learners