U.S. Geography

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U.S. Geography

Stop losing to 8-year olds at Stack the States and other geography games! Master the US map, capitals and landmarks as quickly as possible, no matter what textbook you may be using.


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Whether you want to learn U.S. Geography for school -- or simply if you want to have better answers to Geography trivia questions -- this is the subject for you! Master the US map, states, and capitals faster than you ever thought possible.

Brainscape uses the latest in cognitive science to improve your learning speed. "Harder" concepts are repeated more frequently until you master them, and "easy" concepts appear less and less often. You are essentially OPTIMIZING your studies using spaced repetition.

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Improve your U.S. Geography Skills

Brainscape's U.S. Geography app contains 226 dynamic flashcards organized as follows:

  • U.S. State Identification: Using 2 types of questions / maps, learn the locations and names of the 50 states!

  • U.S. State Capitals: Quickly learn the 50 pairings of states and capitals

  • U.S. Landmark & Landform Trivia: Enjoy a little US Geography trivia

Each module uses Brainscape's award-winning spaced repetition study system to help you learn as quickly as possible. So grab it and get started!





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Lessons in this Class

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U.S. State Identification

Pick out the correct state on a map


U.S. State Capitals

Match the 50 U.S. states to their capitals, and vice versa.


U.S. Landmark & Landform Trivia

This deck covers a sample of America's most famous historical and natural landmarks.