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Whether you have your heart set on a career in politics or just want to discuss current affairs with greater authority at your next cocktail party, Brainscape’s collection of U.S. Government flashcards will help you easily and efficiently learn and memorize key facts on the constitution, congressional committees, important Supreme Court cases, and more.

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As an American resident and voter (or someone interested in how the U.S. Government functions), it behooves you to understand the mechanisms responsible for guiding and driving the country on all levels, from its economy and foreign affairs to legislature and environmental policies.

There’s a ton of information to come to grips with and so the team here at Brainscape has distilled the most essential facts down into a collection of 400+ flashcards that will drill your brain on the facts you need in order to know your government!

From the constitution that governs the United States and its congressional committees to important Supreme Court cases that helped to shape its current legislative landscape, Brainscape’s U.S. Government flashcards will bring you up to speed on what you need to know to be in the know.

And you can use these essentials to aid your career in politics, law, social or environmental policy, etc., or just to better inform yourself the next time you take to the polls (or take on your annoying know-it-all brother-in-law at the next family barbecue), Brainscape’s flashcards are an effective study tool to get you up to speed on the U.S. Government!

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The brain is hardwired to learn and remember information a certain way. The Brainscape™ flashcard app was born out of the question: what if we leveraged this hardwiring to help students learn more efficiently? Fueled by curiosity, our team of cognitive scientists from Columbia and Yale spent years developing a scientifically optimized learning platform to boost your learning.

Our "secret sauce" is a learning algorithm that delivers information to your brain in a way that optimizes its ability to retain that information. And it’s the spaced repetition of U.S. Government content at precisely the right interval for YOUR brain that makes Brainscape so effective for remembering the facts.

With Brainscape’s U.S Government Basics course, you get:

  • +400 Cards across 8 decks that cover the constitution, congressional committees, and important Supreme Court cases.
  • Easy access to study online or in Brainscape's mobile apps.
  • A spaced repetition learning system customized to your pace of learning.
  • Lots of scores, analytics, and progress metrics so you can easily track your studies and build good study habits.
  • features and leaderboards to see how your progress compares to other people around the world.

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