U.S. History 101

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U.S. History 101

From the pre-Columbian period of U.S. History through the Civil War.  Time to grab some historical wisdom!


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Looking to expand your understanding of how we ended up this way? Look no further! Put this subject into your Brainscape library for an efficient and fun way to review U.S. History. These 470+ dynamic flashcards will efficiently help you absorb U.S. History -- covering the pre-Columbian period through the Civil War.

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Subject Overview

Created by a team of top U.S. History lovers and experts, and tested by AP U.S. History students who recently scored a 5 on their exam, this subject:

  • Puts an efficient review of the most important U.S. History facts and concepts at your fingertips in the Brainscape platform;
  • Helps you also learn the context and significance of these critical historical events;
  • Targets especially those issues tested most frequently on college and HS exams; and
  • Personalizes how you spend your study time to focus on weaknesses, while also ensuring that you retain knowledge from earlier in the year;

U.S. History 101 includes 470+ cards across 11 decks organized as follows:

  • Pre-Columbian Societies
  • Colonial Beginnings, 1492-1690
  • Colonial North America, 1690-1754
  • American Revolution, 1754-1789
  • Early Republic, 1789-1815
  • Antebellum America: Economy
  • Antebellum America: Politics
  • Antebellum America: Society
  • Manifest Destiny
  • Crisis of the Union
  • Civil War

Time to learn the foundations of U.S. History up through the Civil War!





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Lessons in this Class

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Pre Columbian Societies

Before Columbus’s arrival, the Americas were home to several vibrant civilizations. This deck describes the Indian empires of Mesoamerica, the southwest, and the Mississippi River Valley.


Colonial Beginnings, 1492 1690

The English, French, Dutch, and Spanish each engaged in significant colonial efforts. This deck describes their attempts to establish permanent outposts in the New World, the arrival of the settlers, Jamestown and Plymouth Bay, and the birth of religious liberty in British North America.


Colonial North America, 1690 1754

During the 16th and 17th centuries British North America continued to expand, developing its own economy and political institutions. This deck covers the early period of the American colonies.


American Revolution, 1754 1789

Beginning with the French and Indian War, this deck describes the growing American resistance to British rule, the Declaration of Independence, the Revolutionary War, and the establishment of the United States as one nation.


Early Republic, 1789 1815

The new American nation was beset by difficulties both at home and abroad. This deck covers the Presidencies of Washington, Adams, Jefferson, and Madison.


Antebellum America: Economy

This deck describes the changes in the American economy in the years before the Civil War, as it was transformed by new inventions, proto-industrialization, and efforts to increase trade.


Antebellum America: Politics

As the Era of Good Feelings ended, the American political scene in the antebellum period was dominated by the struggle between the Jacksonian Democrats and the Whigs. This deck reviews the rise of judicial federalism, tariff controversies, the struggle for states’ rights, and the Bank War.


Antebellum America: Society

This deck covers the religious and cultural developments in Antebellum America, including Evangelical protestant revivalism, social reforms, ideals of domesticity, and the rise of a uniquely American form of artistic and literary expression.


Manifest Destiny

New immigrants and the search for greater opportunities drove America’s great push westward. This deck describes Americans' belief in a Manifest Destiny, the Mexican American War, and interactions with Indian tribes west of the Mississippi River.


Crisis Of The Union

In the decade before the Civil War, America faced new struggles, sectionalism, tensions over slavery, and efforts to digest the lands acquired in the Mexican American War. This deck covers the period from the Compromise of 1850 to the election of Abraham Lincoln.


Civil War

This deck reviews the specific events, military strategies, and sociopolitical and economic effects of the Civil War, and includes the drive towards Emancipation.