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Brainscape’s collection of over 1,000 adaptive, digital Welding Inspection Basics flashcards comprehensively covers the content you need to know in order to ace the American Welding Society’s (AWS) Fundamental Exam. And our app will make preparing so much more efficient and convenient!

Memorizing the body of knowledge for the AWS Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) Fundamentals 150-question exam can be overwhelming. But with 1,000+ flashcards covering nine key subjects, Brainscape’s collection of Welding Inspection Basics flashcards allow you to tackle your studies in much smaller, more manageable sessions.

Curated by Caity ‘Madskills’ Brown, an AWS CWI, who is both a specialty welder and an educator of an Inspection Training Program, these flashcards will help you study exactly the content you need in order to do exceedingly well, and more efficiently too. This collection has also undergone meticulous scrutiny by other inspection professionals and what you can expect is in extremely close alignment with the AWS ‘Body of Knowledge’ and Madskills’ CWI training class.

What to expect from Brainscape’s Welding Inspection Basics flashcards

The AWS CWI Fundamentals is a two-hour, closed-book exam with 150 questions. You have less than a minute to answer each question so you either know the answer, or you don’t. Without confidently knowing the facts presented by Brainscape’s Welding Inspection Basics flashcards, you just won’t have a fair shot at passing Part A of the CWI exam.

As the world’s most effective memory-building tool, Brainscape is the perfect resource for building this fundamental foundation. Our flashcards cover Nondestructive Examination, Metallurgy, Welding and Cutting Processes, Symbols, Visual Examination and Discontinuities, Safety, Destructive Testing, Terminology and Joint Design, and Math and Measuring.

Pairing Brainscape's adaptive learning platform with the detailed knowledge of industry professionals has helped thousands of students. Now we want to help YOU improve your score with the highest level of expertise available. After all, practice makes perfect and convenience is the key!

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The brain is hardwired to learn and remember information a certain way. The Brainscape™ flashcard app was born out of the question: what if we leveraged this hardwiring to help students learn more efficiently? Fueled by curiosity, our team of cognitive scientists from Columbia and Yale spent years developing a scientifically optimized learning platform to boost your learning.

Our "secret sauce" is a learning algorithm that delivers information to your brain in a way that optimizes its ability to retain that information. And it’s the spaced repetition of Welding Inspection Basics at precisely the right interval for YOUR brain that makes Brainscape so effective for remembering the facts.

With Brainscape’s Welding Inspection Basics Exam prep, you get:

  • 1000+ Dynamic flashcards with in-depth coverage of every Welding Inspection Basics subject.
  • A special focus on the AWS CWI Fundamentals exam.
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Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) is provided by the American Welding Society, which neither sponsors nor endorses this product.

Decks in this class (9)

Nondestructive Examination (NDE)
Master PT, MT, ET, RT, UT and VT.
142  cards
Learn about lattice structures, alloys and heat control.
115  cards
Welding & Cutting Processes
Learn about SMAW, GMAW, FCAW, GTAW, EBW, LBW, OAC, PAC, CAC-A and more!
135  cards
Learn the individual weld symbols, arrow vs. other side, dimensioning, and how they form a welding symbol.
127  cards
Visual Examination and Discontinuities
Learn what causes and how to identify discontinuities like laminations, cracks, inclusions and lack of fusion.
113  cards
Study the hazards of welding and how to minimize your risk on the job.
77  cards
Destructive Testing
Master tensile, toughness, hardness, soundness and bend testing of welds.
104  cards
Math & Measuring
Practice reading various gages and performing the type of math used in weld inspection.
106  cards
Terminology and Joint Geometry
Master the proper terms and definitions used in the welding industry.
132  cards

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