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Brainscape’s full-perspective adaptive flashcards cover the facts you need to help you prepare for and pass the WSET ® Level 3 Spirits exam, an advanced-level qualification for professionals and enthusiasts wanting a detailed understanding of the world of spirits!

Mastering the world of Spirits with the WSET ® Level 3 Award in Spirits

If you’re a drinks professional or enthusiast looking to take your knowledge and/or career to the ultimate level, Brainscape’s adaptive, digital flashcards for the WSET ® Level 3 Spirits qualification are the best (most efficient and convenient) review tool for the job! Leveraging decades of cognitive science research, our comprehensive collection of flashcards are proven to help you master the necessary facts more efficiently, and remember them for longer.

Designed in strict accordance with this prestigious qualification’s latest edition textbook and recommended readings, you’ll acquire a detailed understanding of:

  • The techniques used in spirit production, from the processing of raw materials and alcoholic fermentation to distillation and post-distillation practices;
  • The factors affecting the style and quality of 11 core categories of spirits (Scotch Whisky, Bourbon, Rye Whiskey, Tennessee Whiskey, Cognac, Armagnac, Caribbean rum, Tequila, Mezcal, Vodka, and Gin);
  • An overview of 23 additional spirit categories, focusing on principal production methods and key styles and labelling terms;
  • How to taste and describe spirits using the WSET ® Level 3 Systematic Approach to Tasting Spirits® (SAT).

In other words: everything you need to know to do really well on the WSET ® Level 3 Spirits exam!

Meet our lead author for the WSET ® Level 3 Spirits

Brainscape's insider team of beverage professionals has worked tirelessly to create the most comprehensive set of flashcards for WSET ® Level 3 Spirits exam-takers and drinks enthusiasts. Our lead author is Brian Mitchell, a 27-year industry veteran who has worked in many facets of the drinks industry: as a bartender and bar manager, retail wine and spirits buyer, sommelier, multi-unit corporate beverage director, wine and spirits educator.

Brainscape helps you learn faster and remember for longer

The brain is hardwired to learn and remember information a certain way. The Brainscape™ flashcard app was born out of the question: what if we leveraged this hardwiring to help students learn more efficiently? Fueled by curiosity, our team of cognitive scientists from Columbia and Yale spent years developing a scientifically optimized learning platform to boost your learning.

Our "secret sauce" is a learning algorithm that delivers information to your brain in a way that optimizes its ability to retain that information. And it’s the spaced repetition of WSET ® Spirits Level 3 content at precisely the right interval for YOUR brain that makes Brainscape so effective for remembering the facts.

With Brainscape’s WSET ® Level 3 Spirits course, you get:

  • Nearly 1800 cards with a comprehensive introduction on the techniques used in spirit production; the factors affecting the style and quality of 11 core categories of spirits; and how to taste and describe spirits using the WSET ® Level 3 Systematic Approach to Tasting Spirits® (SAT); as well as an overview of 23 additional spirit categories.
  • Explanations of spirits categories, principal production methods, key styles, labeling terms, aging requirements, and classifications so you have a thorough understanding of each topic covered.
  • Ongoing feedback, statistics, and visualization tools to help you track your progress.
  • A carefully tailored curriculum that builds on previous concepts and guides you from grain to glass.
  • In-sync studying across Brainscape’s website and all your iOS and Android devices.

Now go crush the WSET ® Spirits Level 3 exam!

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Decks in this class (23)

Tasting & Evaluating Spirits
This deck is designed to help with the study of understanding how to taste and write a complete and universally understood spirit tasting note within the parameters of the WSET SAT for Level 3 Spirits.
123  cards
Raw Materials
This deck acts as a study aid for the introduction to many of the commonly used raw materials for spirits production, as well as the basics of how those materials are prepared for distillation and production.
150  cards
Alcoholic Fermentation
This deck covers the fundamentals of fermentation and how yeast and bacteria are used to produce alcohol as well as certain flavors or other characteristics of certain spirits around the world.
69  cards
Distillation is an old and complex process that has been refined over the centuries in some places while remaining quite traditional in others. This deck covers the various aspects of distillation and still styles.
62  cards
Between production and packaging, all spirits undergo some aspect of maturation. Certain processes are quick, while others may be complex and take years. This deck covers them with a specific focus on oak maturation.
65  cards
Flavors Other Than Oak
Some spirits are flavored and matured with products other than oak, This deck covers the study of those techniques and ingredients.
42  cards
Adjusting, Blending, Packaging
Post-distillation, distillers may choose to utilize various techniques to finish their products for sale. This deck reviews the various aspects of adjusting and finishing with regard to appearance, sweetness, texture, and the abv of the final product.
38  cards
The Spirits Industry
This deck helps to study the various aspects of the global spirits industry and how it varies across regions or product styles.
29  cards
American Whiskey
American whiskey is now considered one of the most recognized whiskey sub-categories, but with many style variations, it can be difficult to understand the differences. This deck covers all major American whiskey styles, along with and their production and legal backgrounds.
104  cards
Scotch Whisky
Scotch whisky is one of the most commonly consumed whisky styles in the world. This deck covers all aspects of this globally recognized spirit.
121  cards
Irish, Japanese, Canadian and Other Whiskies
Other important producers of whiskey are covered in this deck, which focuses on the differences in raw materials, production and other legal requirements.
53  cards
Shōchū, Baijiu, Soju
Some of the largest spirits categories produced in the world, this deck focuses on important Asian spirits categories and their historical backgrounds and unique production methods.
139  cards
Fruit Spirits - Cognac and Armagnac
This deck focuses on the production of certain fruit brandies and the similarities as well as key differences between the major French brandy areas of Armagnac and Cognac.
100  cards
Other Fruit Spirits
Looking to the large and diverse category of fruit spirits, this deck covers many of the major and some of the lesser-known fruit brandies/spirits produced throughout the world.
113  cards
Sugar Cane Spirits - Caribbean Rum
Caribbean-based rums are one of the most commonly consumed spirits categories in the world, but there are many aspects of the production and maturation processes that are less well understood. This deck covers all of the differences between the major rum productions of the Caribbean region.
93  cards
Sugar Cane Spirits - Cachaca and Other Rums
Rum and cane-based spirits are produced in many regions around the globe. This deck emphasizes the major players in this category.
21  cards
Agave Spirits
The complex nuances of agave-based spirits is the focus of this deck, which covers the history and production styles of Tequila and Mezcal, as well as lesser-known agave spirits from Mexico.
107  cards
Popular but often misunderstood as a category, vodka has a long history as well as wide consumer appeal. This deck covers everything from the history to the various styles of production of vodka.
36  cards
Gin and Genever
At the crossroads of history, distillation, and flavored spirits, Gin has a unique place in the spirits world. This deck helps to understand the history of Gin and Genever, as well as the various production techniques and recognized styels.
37  cards
Flavored Spirits and Liqueurs
Flavorings have been added to beverages for centuries in order to cover up flaws or other aspects of production or to preserve the seasonal or beneficial aspects of certain flavoring agents. This deck covers many of the popular styles as well as the various aspects of how the flavor gets used and preserved in the spirit.
68  cards
Aromatised Wines
The long history of using aromatized wines for drinking or cocktail production is the focus of this deck, which looks at the various styles within this category.
90  cards
Units of Measurements and Conversions
Understanding the relationship, conversion, and key units of measure as related to the spirits industry is an important aspect for anyone looking to be successful with spirits. This deck helps build that knowledge.
53  cards
Spirits Tasting Lexicon
This deck is designed to build confidence in the use of the WSET Level 3 Spirits tasting lexicon.
31  cards

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