advanced health assessment

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Module 1 Interviewing for Health History and Genetics
Partnership goals 5,
31  cards
Module 1 Health Risk Assessment
Health risk assessment hra,
Why conduct hra,
What is a health risk
22  cards
Module 2 physical exam
Examination techniques,
14  cards
module 2 culture
Cultural desire,
Cultural awareness
11  cards
Module 26 sleep
What is sleep,
Benefits of sleep,
Stage 1 of sleep
23  cards
Module 3 growth and development adults
Pregnancy wt gain fetus,
Preg wt gain fluid volume,
Preg wt gain blood volume
23  cards
module 3 peds growth and development
Pediatric pmh,
Pediatric birth hx,
Pediatric family hx
52  cards
module 4 hx and physical exam
Recording info,
10  cards
module 23 assessment of mental health
Mental status definition,
Disorientation and confusion,
25  cards
module 23 common mental health disorders
Concussion s s,
24  cards
Module 25 pain
Assessing pain,
Acute pain,
Chronic pain
33  cards
module 3 nutrition
Carbs and organ function,
15  cards
module 3 peds anomalies
Infants and children congenital a...,
Adolescents nutrition,
5  cards
module 5 dx reasoning and clinical judgement
Clinical evaluation,
Assessment dx,
Valid hypotheses need
14  cards
module 6 structure and function of skin
Functions of skin 8,
Outer most layer,
Between epidermis and dermis
14  cards
module 6 hx and skin exam
7 key questions related to skin l...,
Past medical hx,
Past medical hx systemic illness
27  cards
module 6 hair and nails
Inspection of hair,
Palpation of hair,
Hair pull test
23  cards
module 6 peds skin assessment
Differences between neonatal and ...,
Pmh skin,
Pmh hair previous hair problems
36  cards
week 4 Module 12 intro to heart
Driving force of pulmonary circul...
26  cards
week 4 module 12 heart hx
Key cardiovascular s s 5,
Other symptoms assoc with cv,
General cardiac hx
24  cards
week 4 module 12 cardiac exam
Dyspnea questions,
Causes of dyspnea,
38  cards
week 4 module 12 special considerations
Fetal circulation,
Fetal infant ventricle size,
Infants and dyspnea
36  cards
week 4 module 12 cardiac dx
Angina patho,
Angina subjective info,
Angina objective info
47  cards
week 4 module 12 cardiac consult
Cardiac eval,
Functional capacity,
Poor exercise capacity
10  cards
week 4 module 13 peripheral vasculature
Vascular disease hpi,
Pmh vascular disease,
Fh vascular disease
26  cards
week 4 module 13 vessel disorders
Temporal arteritis patho,
Temporal arteritis subjective,
Temporal arteritis objective
29  cards
week 4 module 13 lymph system
Older adults
58  cards
week 5 module 14 intro into Resp system
Bony structures of the thorax,
Muscles of the thorax,
Intrathoracic spaces of the thorax
19  cards
week 5 module 14 resp. exam
Evaluate respirations for the fol...,
Patterns of respiration,
Cheyne stokes
28  cards
week 5 module 14 respiratory abnml
Hpi cough,
Sputum characteristics of bacteri...,
Sputum characteristics of viral i...
54  cards
week 5 module 14 peds resp
Primary muscles of respiration,
Accessory muscles of respiration,
Peds and lung compliance
40  cards
week 5 module 14 older adults
Emphysema patho,
Emphysema subjective,
Emphysema objective
9  cards
week 6 abdominal assessment
Muscles of the abdomen,
Rectus abdominis,
Older adult muscle changes
32  cards
week 6 abdominal assessment 2
Renal arteries,
Iliac arteries,
Percussion ascending color
30  cards
week 6 peds abdominal
4 week gestation,
Infant gi tract,
40  cards
Module 18 GU
Pregnant women contractions,
Older adults urinary s s,
Older adults bowel patterns
25  cards
module 19 male genital
Older adults changes,
Infants and children,
Older adults physical exam
33  cards
module 7 head and neck 1
Endocrine glands in the head and ...,
Exocrine glands in the head and neck,
5 layers of scalp scalp
41  cards
Week 8 ped differences HEENT
Infant head,
Infant neck,
Child head
54  cards
week 8 older adult differences HEENT
Head changes,
Neck changes,
Thyroid changes
8  cards
week 8 pregnancy differences HEENT
Lymphatic system changes,
Thyroid changes,
3  cards
module 7 head and neck 2
Pilar cyst,
Giant cell arteritis subjective
9  cards
module 8 eyes
Cn ii,
Cn iii,
Cn iv
51  cards
module 8 ear
External ear anatomy,
Middle ear anatomy,
Inner ear anatomy
24  cards
module 9 sinus, mouth, throat
Sinusitis patho,
Sinusitis subjective,
Sinusitis objective
21  cards
module 21 MS part 1
4 parts to the ms exam,
34  cards
module 21 peds MS
Inspection over muscles and joints,
Fetal development
44  cards
Module 21 MS pregnancy and older adults
Pregnancy and joints,
Pregnancy and lordosis,
Older adult bone changes
10  cards
module 21 MS abnormalities
Ankylosing spondylitis patho,
Ankylosing spondylitis subjective,
Ankylosing spondylitis objective
45  cards
module 10 neuro intro
Motor cortex is located,
Cerebellum aids in,
Brainstem controls
30  cards
module 10 peds neuro
First year of life,
Brain growth continues till,
Hx for children
11  cards
module 11 reflexes
Abdominal reflex,
Cremasteric reflex,
Plantar reflex
16  cards
neuro abnormalities
Multiple sclerosis patho,
Multiple sclerosis subjective,
Multiple sclerosis objective
51  cards
Module 16 women's assessment
F p a l,
Menstrual abnormalities
28  cards
module 16 women abnormalities
Fibrocystic changes patho,
Fibrocystic changes subjective,
Fibrocystic changes objective
70  cards
module 16 women abnormalities 2
Atrophic vaginitis
35  cards
module 16 abnormalities in children, pregnancy, and older adults
Ambiguous genitalia patho,
Ambiguous genitalia subjective,
Ambiguous genitalia objective
26  cards

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