Advanced Higher Biology Unit 1 Flashcards


Here at advanced higher biology unit one out mission is to help you with your biology by using questionably well written flashcards by me, a student who only has one other guy in his class because the other class was full, although i dont hold a grudge becuase we are all just here to study biology.

After all isnt that what life is all about?

Biology; the study of life may make your life seem not worth living at times but i hope this class helps. You can contact me at: if you want full access to the flashcards for free.

The cards are a work in progress and are made based off the course specification for CFE Advanced Higher Biology:

Decks in this Class (4):

  • Lab Techniques
    29 Cards
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  • Proteins
    53 Cards
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  • Membrane Proteins
    25 Cards
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  • Communication And Signalling In Multicel
    40 Cards
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