aqa gcse physics

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P1.1/1.2 - Energy Stores
Chemical energy store,
Kinetic energy store,
Gravitational potential energy
12  cards
P1.6/7/9 - Energy Dissipation, Efficiency, Power
Useful energy,
Wasted energy,
18  cards
P1.5 - KE And Elastic Potential Energy
Elastic potential energy,
Formula for elastic potential energy,
Hooke s law principles
11  cards
P1.3/1.4 - GPE and Work Done
Describe the changes of energy st...,
Describe the energy transfers of ...,
State the independent variables o...
12  cards
P2.1 - Conduction.
Metals conduct energy better than,
Copper is a better conductor than,
Glass conducts better than
27  cards
P2.2/3 - Infrared Radiation
Infrared radiation,
How are conduction convection dif...,
Electromagnetic waves
27  cards
P2.4 - Specific heat capacity
A substances temp relies on,
Specific heat capacity is also kn...,
Units of specific heat capacity
6  cards
P3.1 - Energy demands
Main energy resources,
Inside a power station what happens,
Fossil fuels
15  cards
P3.2 - Renewable energy.
Renewable energy meaning,
Wind power,
Wind power generated increases as
17  cards
P3.4/5 - Energy + environment issues
Fossil fuels problem ghg,
Fossil fuel problem sulfur dioxide,
Fossil fuels non renewable
20  cards
P4.1 - electrical charges and fields
Charge by friction,
Electric fields
9  cards
P4.2 - current/charge/volatge/resistance
Electric current,
Size of current,
Electric charge unit
46  cards
P5.1/P5.2 - AC/cables
Direct current,
Alternating current,
Mains circuit ac supply
15  cards
P5.3/P5.4/P5/5 - Power/charge/efficiency
Equation of power energy time,
Equation of power current pd
11  cards
Required practicals
P2 investigating insulators,
P2 investigating insulators equip...,
P2 investigating insulators metho...
14  cards
P6.1 - Density
Formula for density,
Density of a solid object
5  cards
P6.2/P6.3 - States of matter
Properties of a solid,
Properties of a liquid,
Properties of a gas
13  cards
P6.4/P6.5/P6.6 - Latent heat + temperature
Internal heat,
Sum of internal heat,
What increases internal energy
23  cards
P7.1/P7.2/P7.3/P7.4/P7.5 - Radioactivity.
A key discovery,
Alpha particle
28  cards
P7.6 - Radiation in medicine
Uses of radiation,
Eg of diagnosis uses,
Radioactive tracers
10  cards
P7.7/P7.8 - Fission and Fusion reactions
Induced fission,
Spontaneous fission,
Fission releases
26  cards
P8 - Forces
Eg of vectors 6
22  cards
P8 - Moment, Centre of mass
Increase moment by,
20  cards
P9 - Motion graphs
Gradient on distance time graphs,
Speed formula
16  cards
P10 - Momentum + Velocity
Resultant force formula,
Unit for acceleration,
Newton s second law of motion
52  cards
P11 - Pressure
Pressure depends on
32  cards
P12 - Wave properties
Mechanical waves,
Eg of mechanical waves
24  cards
P12 - Reflection/ Refraction
3 effects of a wave at a boundary,
Ripple tanks,
Plane waves
22  cards
P12 - Sound
Speed of sound and temp,
Speed of sound,
Sound and a vacuum
31  cards
P12 - Seismic waves
Order of earth s composition,
Seismic waves
20  cards
P13 - Electromagnetic spectrum
Electromagnetic waves,
Electromagnetic waves energy tran...,
Electromagnetic spectrum starting...
61  cards
P14 - Light
Reflected waves are,
When wavefront reaches barrier
25  cards
P14 - lenses
Convex lens,
Principal focus
34  cards
P16 - Solar system
Comets orbit,
Birth of a star
64  cards
P15 - Magnets
D magnets,
What do all magnets have in common,
If two permanent magnets are brou...
23  cards
15  cards
Physics Formulas
Kinetic energy,
Gravitational potential energy,
Power two ways not electricity
30  cards

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