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Structure and Function
What is the primary function of t...,
Describe the passage of blood thr...,
How do the terms series and paral...
22  cards
Electrical Activity
What is excitation contraction co...,
What are intercalated discs,
What is a syncytium
16  cards
Where are leads attached to,
What shape does this form what na...,
Describe the standard limb leads
26  cards
Cardiac Cycle
How many phases are in the cardia...,
Name the stages,
Describe late diastole
23  cards
Short Term Control of BP
What is the main influence on bp ...,
Describe the baroreflex,
What is map
9  cards
Exchange and Lymphatics
What are the three types of capil...,
Give examples of where each type ...,
Why do clots often form in the ca...
12  cards
Long Term Control of BP
What is the central organ involve...,
How do the kidneys regulate bp,
Name the three systems involved
17  cards
Describe some complications of htn,
Define stage 1 htn,
Define stage 2
21  cards
Venous and Lymphatic Disease
Which disease affects the superfi...,
Varicose veins in more common in,
Name the two superficial veins in...
32  cards
Heart Failure
Name two types of heart failure,
Describe hfref,
Describe hfpef
16  cards
Symptoms of stroke,
Signs of stroke,
Name the two main causes
25  cards
Stable Angina
Define angina pectoris,
Type of pain
16  cards
Acute Coronary Syndromes
What three conditions make up acs,
What are two types of mi what is ...,
What is the pathophysiology
26  cards
Valve Disease
Name the two systolic murmurs,
Name the two diastolic murmurs,
What are the most common causes o...
24  cards
Aortic Aneurysm
How many layer to the aorta,
Where does the aorta bifurcate,
13  cards
OSCE Skills- ECG
What is the purpose of an ecg,
What should you always tell the p...,
What should you do before anythin...
26  cards
OSCE Skills- Blood Pressure
What do we use to measure blood p...,
Which artery is important,
What do we do first
11  cards
Aortic Dissection
What is aortic dissection,
What are the consequences,
Pathophysiology how many phases
16  cards
Function of the CVS
What type of system is the cvs,
What 4 things is the cvs responsi...,
What homeostatic aspect is regula...
30  cards
Electrical Properties of the Heart
What is excitation contraction co...,
What are the main differences bet...,
What is the function of gap signa...
44  cards
What will a wave of depolarisatio...,
What will a wave of depolarisatio...,
What is transmitted better fast o...
33  cards
The Cardiac Cycle
What occurs in late diastole,
What happens during atrial systole,
What happens during isovolumic ve...
33  cards
Embryology of the CVS - NOT COMPLETE
What does the heart begin as,
What is the order of heart develo...,
36  cards
Regulation of SV and HR
What regulates hr,
What regulates stroke volume,
What part of the nervous system c...
37  cards
Exchange and the Lymphatic System
How are capillaries suited to dif...,
What are the two bypass structure...,
What is the distance between two ...
41  cards
Pressure and Flow in Arteries and Veins
What korotkoff sounds are heard w...,
What are elastic arteries able to...,
What 4 things effect the pressure...
26  cards
Regulation of Arteriolar Resistance
What does darcys law describe,
What does,
When applying darcys law to the s...
38  cards
Short Term Control of BP COPY
What is the arterial baroreflex,
Where are the baroreceptors locat...,
What nerves is the stretch signal...
28  cards
Long Term Control of BP COPY
What is long term blood pressure ...,
What three hormone systems does t...,
What structure is responsible for...
30  cards
Hypertension COPY
Facts on hypertension,
What does hypertension greatly co...,
What conditions can be easily dev...
39  cards
Hypertension Therapy
How is true hypertension diagnosed,
How is risk of hypertension assessed,
What would you do to assess the e...
57  cards
Pathophysiology of Atheroma
What is the definition of atheros...,
What is narrowing of coronary art...,
What does myocardial ischaemia le...
54  cards
SIHD and Angina
What is the definition of angina,
What is the pathophysiology of my...,
What ways are the coronary arteri...
61  cards
Pathophysiology of Thrombosis and Embolism
What is an atheroma that has rupt...,
What is normal blood flow said to be,
What does laminar blood flow mean
45  cards
Pathophysiology of Ischaemia and Infarction
What is the definition of ischaemia,
What are the 4 types of hypoxia,
What causes hypoxic hypoxia
35  cards
Valvular Heart Disease - INCOMPLETE
Which of the mitral valve cusps i...,
How are the cusps anchored to the...,
What conditions can lead to mitra...
30  cards
What three acute coronary syndrom...,
When will symptoms of acs show,
What is the socrates history of a...
23  cards

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