dealing with threats

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Path 1: Introduction to Animal Pathology
What is pathology,
What is the connection between pa...,
When is pathology most useful
41  cards
Virology 1: Intro to Veterinary Virology
Describe the characteristics uniq...,
What is the typical range in size...,
Do viruses consist or rna or dna
47  cards
Clin Path 1: RBC Mass and Indices
Define anemia,
What values do you focus on when ...,
Define erythrocytosis
62  cards
Epidemiology 1: Veterinary Epidemiology Foundational Concepts
Define epidemiology,
Explain what the epidemiologic tr...,
What does the balance of the epid...
28  cards
Epidemiology 2: Measures of Disease
What are the 8 steps in an outbre...,
When establishing if an outbreak ...,
What should you calculate to dete...
22  cards
Virology 4: DNA Viruses
What are the 3 main types of herp...,
What is the approximate size rang...,
Is herpes virus dna or rna double...
79  cards
Clin Path 2: Hemorrhage
What is acute hemorrhage associat...,
Will there be iron deficiency wit...,
What is the difference between in...
34  cards
Virology 5: DNA Viruses 2
Where do parvoviruses replicate w...,
For parvoviruses to replicate the...,
When parvovirus replicates what d...
76  cards
Immunology 1
Which immune response is responsi...,
Compare the typical time after in...,
How quickly does immunological me...
38  cards
Immunology 2 - Hypersensitivity
Define hypersensitivity,
What is a type 1 hypersensitivity...,
What hypersensitivity reaction is...
45  cards
Bacteriology - Diagnosis
Step one of determining if you ne...,
Define pathognomic is inflammatio...,
What are clinicopathological chan...
62  cards
Cell Injury 3
What is considered to be cellular...,
Explain the physiologic process o...,
Pathologically what can lead to
31  cards
Clin Path: Hemolytic Anemia
Which type of anemia should you p...,
What is the number 1 cause of hem...,
Autoimmune immune mediated hemoly...
32  cards
Biosecurity 1
What are the hierarchy of control...,
How does elimination help manage ...,
How does substituion help manage ...
36  cards
Pharmacology 1 - Anti-inflammatory Agents Corticosteroids
What are the two different cortic...,
Why are glucocorticoids considere...,
Explain the classic arachidonic a...
57  cards
Prions and Tumor Viruses
What are prions,
What is the incubation period ass...,
What are the neuropathological ch...
50  cards
Define inflammation,
Inflammation is part of the proce...,
Explain how inflammation is a fun...
28  cards
Pharm - Cell Wall Inhibitors
What are the two types of b lacta...,
Explain the mechanism of action f...,
Are b lactam antibiotics consider...
56  cards
Parasitology - Nematodes
Name the 5 main routes of infecti...,
Are helminths macro or microparas...,
Helminths complex or simple multi...
64  cards
Bacteriology - Pyogranulomas
What type of cells will be seen i...,
Pyogenic bacteria causes suppurat...,
Underlying disease process is usu...
56  cards
Clin Path: Lymphocytosis
Name the lymphocytosis that suppo...,
What are the 5 main causes of lym...,
Name the lymphocytosis consistent...
22  cards
Bacteriology: Enterobacterales
How do you interpret gram negativ...,
Which g rods are oxidase negative,
What are the main hosts of escher...
51  cards
Bacteriology Pasteruellaceae
What are the virulence factors th...,
Which gram negative bacteria do e...,
What are three negative effects e...
49  cards
Parasitology - Nematodes 5
What are the two superfamilies of...,
While spirurida is a diverse orde...,
What do spuririda parasitize
36  cards
Inflammation 5
Define inflammation,
Explain the relation between acut...,
What are a few causes of chronic ...
20  cards
Define homeostasis and primary he...,
Define automated platelet count a...,
Explain how in vitro platelet clu...
16  cards
Parasitology Exam 3 Questions
In your practice you receive a 3 ...,
T f you house sheep in a space wh...,
T f eimeria cystoisospera oocysts...
4  cards

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