pe anatomy & physiology

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the structure of the heart
Cardiovascular System
16  cards
cardiac conduction system
What is the cardiac conduction sy...,
What does the cardiac conduction ...,
Where does blood flow in the heart
14  cards
neural mechanisms
What is the role of the sympathet...,
What is the role of the parasympa...,
What does the central nervous sys...
22  cards
stroke volume, heart rate & cardiac output
What is stroke volume,
What is the average resting strok...,
What two things does stroke volum...
28  cards
heart disease, high blood pressure & strokes
What are common names for heart d...,
What is the leading cause of deat...,
What is coronary heart disease
28  cards
cardiovascular drift
How is cardiovascular drift chara...,
When does cardiovascular drift occur,
Why does cardiovascular drift occur
5  cards
the vascular system
What is the vascular system made ...,
What do these blood vessels do,
What do the blood vessels ensure
10  cards
venous return
What is venous return,
What percent of blood is containe...,
What does storing blood in the ve...
25  cards
transportation of oxygen
What happens when oxygen diffuses...,
What is plasma,
What is haemoglobin
16  cards
the structure of the lungs
What is the alveoli responsible for,
What is diffusion,
What is gaseous exchange
4  cards
the mechanics of breathing
What muscles are used during insp...,
What muscles are used during insp...,
What muscles are used during expi...
4  cards
lung volumes
What is tidal volume,
What is inspiratory reserve volume,
What is expiratory reserve volume
8  cards

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pe anatomy & physiology

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