romantics poetry

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What is romanticism,
What are features of romanticism,
Who is a pre romantic
5  cards
Holy Thursday (Innocence) - Blake
When did blake write holy thursda...,
What is holy thursday known as,
What is ascension day
7  cards
Holy Thursday (Experience) - Blake
When did blake write holy thursda...,
Themes in holy thursday experience,
Who is the powerful figure of aut...
3  cards
The Sick Rose - Blake
What are possible inspirations fo...,
Why are the festivals of rose in ...,
Why would england undergoing huge...
6  cards
The Tyger - Blake
What is a central theme of the tyger,
What is the significance of havin...,
What is the structure of the tyger
7  cards
London - Blake
What does blake explore,
What does the speaker do in london,
What does the speaker see in london
19  cards
Shelley AO3
Necessity of atheism 1811,
William godwin s political justic...,
Harriet s suicide 1816
5  cards
The Question - Shelley
When was the question written,
What does shelley explicitly refe...,
Compare the presentation of reali...
11  cards
The Cold Earth Slept Below - Shelley
When was the cold earth slept bel...,
What is the structure of the cold...,
What does shelley express in the ...
23  cards
Stanzas Written in Dejection, near Naples - Shelley
What is a spenserian stanza,
Who invented the spenserian stanza,
Why does shelley use a spenserian...
23  cards
Ode to the West Wind - Shelley
When did shelley write ode to the...,
Summary of the strophe for ode to...,
Summary of the
12  cards
Ode to a Nightingale - Keats
What is an ode,
What type of ode is ode to a nigh...,
What is a horatian ode
18  cards
Byron AO3
When was byron born,
What was byron born with,
What was byron s relationship wit...
13  cards
On This Day I Complete My 36th Year - Byron
Since others it hath ceased to move,
Still let me love,
When was byron s last written entry
4  cards

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