rusvm bacteriology gram negatives

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Pseudomonas gram ________ shape,
Pseudomonas aerobic non aerobic,
Pseudomonas motile non motile
46  cards
Name the species
M protein fimbriae,
Polysaccharide capsule,
Surface slime biofilm
33  cards
Disrupt cell membranes by binding...,
Mainly against active growing gra...,
Block 30s ribosomal activity agai...
14  cards
Exam 1 - Name The Disease & EDx
Equine cutaneous subcutaneous myc...,
Equine cutaneous subcutaneous myc...,
Fungal infection of sq tissue by ...
64  cards
Burkholderia gram ___ shape,
Burkholderia catalase result,
Burkholderia aerobe non aerobe
70  cards
Where is taylorella often found,
Taylorella gram negative positive,
Taylorella anaerobe non aerobe shape
41  cards
What family does the genus moraxe...,
Name the subgenera of moraxella,
Moraxellagram______ shape
42  cards
What family does bordetella belon...,
Bordetella aerobe non aerobe,
Bordetella target cells
51  cards
What family does genus francisell...,
What are the three important fran...,
Francisella gram _____ shape
51  cards
Brucellagram____ shape,
Brucella motile non motile,
Brucella capsulated
115  cards
Leptospiragram___ shape,
Leptospira motile non motile,
Leptospira distribution reportable
62  cards
Borreliagram___ shape,
Borrelianame the 3 animal pathoge...,
What disease does borrelia anseri...
33  cards
Brachyspira (Serpulina) Lawsonia Treponema
What family does brachyspira belo...,
Brachyspiragram__ shape,
Brachyspira aerobe non aerobe
53  cards
Helicobactergram___ shape,
Helicobacter motile non motile,
Helicobacter original classification
41  cards
Campylobacter & Arcobacter
Campylobacter arcobacter belong t...,
Campylobacter arcobacter gram___ ...,
Campylobacter arcobacter spore fo...
83  cards
Escheria coli general info,
E coli transmission,
E coli antigens
23  cards
Shigella general info,
Shigella cellular products virule...,
Shigella shiga toxin
8  cards
Klebsiella description,
Klebsiella 2 main species,
Klebsiella virulence factors
8  cards
Salmonella description,
Salmonella 2 species,
Salmonella antigenic composition
25  cards
Yersinia description,
Yersinia important species,
Yersinia pestis most known as
33  cards
Actinobacillus general description,
Actinobacillus commensals,
Actinobacillus target cells
17  cards
Pasteurella & Mannheimia
Family pasteurellaceae description,
Family pasteurellaceae virulence ...,
Which two species exhibit leukotoxin
27  cards
Haemophilus histophilus description,
What make haemophilus hisophilus ...,
Haemophilus species
22  cards
Mollicutesgeneral morphology,
Mollicutes 3 genera,
What are the two types of mollicutes
87  cards
Chlamydia description,
Chlamydiaceae elimentary body,
Chlamydiaceae reticulate body
16  cards
Rickettsiales description,
Family anaplasmataceae,
Anaplasma spp
61  cards

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rusvm bacteriology gram negatives

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