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An Overview of the Function of the CVS
What does the pulmonary circulati...,
What happens at the lungs,
What does the left side of the he...
79  cards
Electrical Activity of the Heart
Name the two fibres of the sacomere,
Where are the actin anchored toge...,
What is the membrane of a muscle ...
71  cards
How many limb leads are there in ...,
How many augmented leads are ther...,
Name the three augmented leads in...
53  cards
The Cardiac Cycle
Define late diastole,
What happens when the ventricles ...,
What happens in atrial systole
55  cards
Regulation of Stroke Volume and Heart Rate
What is heart rate set by,
Which type of nervous system regu...,
Which branch of the autonomic ns ...
46  cards
Pressure and Flow in Arteries
How can you measure arterial pres...,
When measuring arterial pressure ...,
What are the advantages and disad...
38  cards
Pressure and Flow in Veins
What is pressure like in veins,
Describe the pressure difference ...,
Recap describe the structure of v...
40  cards
Mechanisms of Clotting
What can happen if you get clotti...,
What can a thrombus lead to,
What are the two mechanisms requi...
17  cards
Exchange in, and control of, the Peripheral Circulation
What is the point where one endot...,
What is a tight junction,
Give an example of a tight junction
79  cards
Short Term Control of BP
What is the baroreceptor reflex r...,
Where can you find the baroreflexes
33  cards
Long Term Control of BP
What is long term bp controlled by,
List some of the general function...,
Which function of the kidney is u...
29  cards
Drugs Used in Treatment of the CVS
Name two types of ischaemic heart...,
Give two examples of cerebrovascu...,
Give an example of an arrhythmia
63  cards
Pathophysiology of Atheroma
What is an atheroma atherosclerosis,
What would happen if there was at...,
Give an example of one of the ser...
61  cards
Nutritional Aspects of CVD
What is the main cause of coronar...,
What causes haemorrhagic stroke,
Which bacteria causes rheumatic h...
49  cards
Pathophysiology of Thrombosis and Embolism
What is blood flow,
What is normal blood flow describ...,
What can affect blood flow
47  cards
Rheumatic Heart Disease
What is rheumatic fever,
Who is usually affected by rheuma...,
What are some of the presenting s...
15  cards
Pathophysiology of Ischaemia and Infarction
Define hypoxia,
What do we also have if we have i...,
What are the two types of hypoxia
63  cards
Stable Angina
Define angina,
Describe what happens in terms of...,
What is the most common cause of ...
67  cards
Acute Coronary Syndromes: Presentation & Management
How significant is coronary heart...,
What are the two things which inf...,
What is an acute coronary syndrome
46  cards
Define hypertension,
When does a person have hypertension,
What increase in bp doubles a per...
64  cards
Clinical Pharmacology of Stable Coronary Artery Disease
What is atypical angina,
What are some of the modifiable r...,
What are some of the non modifiab...
47  cards
Clinical Pharmacology of Acute Coronary Syndrome
Are acute coronary syndromes stab...,
Describe unstable angina,
What is nstemi
30  cards
Stroke and Risk Factors
What a stroke,
How long does a stroke have to be...,
What is the difference between a ...
44  cards
Symptoms and Treatment of Stroke
Do stroke symptoms come on quickl...,
Which arteries supply the brain,
What does the vertebro basilar sy...
35  cards
Diseases of the Thoracic Aorta
What are the four parts of the aorta,
What are some of the features of ...,
What is the tunica intima made of
59  cards
Imaging in Circulatory Disturbances
What different imaging options ar...,
Describe catheter angiography,
How is the catheter injected in c...
24  cards
Venous & Lymphatic Disease
Recap in terms of anatomy what is...,
Which vein is used with the calve...,
Where does the dorsal aspect of t...
27  cards
Arterial Diseases of the Limbs
What does the aorta divide into,
What does the detection of a norm...,
What is chronic limb ischaemia
44  cards
Arythmia's- pathophysiology, presentation and investigation
When may you notice someone has a...,
What is one of the more common he...,
What is atrial fibrillation
36  cards
Arrhythmia Therapies
What is an arrhyhmia,
What is sinus arrhythmia,
What are the two main groups of t...
65  cards
Heart Failure
Given a general definition for he...,
Heart failure is not the final di...,
What are some of the risks condit...
36  cards
Heart Failure Treatment
Describe lv systolic dysfunction,
Describe lv diastolic heart failure,
What can hypertension can lead to...
44  cards
Pathophysiology of Congestion and Oedema
Recap darcy s law pls
1  cards
Valvular Heart Disease
What is the most common cause for...,
Can patients be born with mitral ...,
When mitral stenosis occurs what ...
65  cards
Valvular Heart Disease- Therapy
What is the difference between ty...,
What is meant by arteritides,
What are some of the causes of is...
29  cards
Infective endocarditis & Rheumatic Heart Disease
What is infective endocarditis,
Recap what is the endocardium,
What happens in infective endocar...
39  cards
Rheumatic Heart Disease
Why is rf a disease of poverty ri...,
Why is rf a disease of poverty ri...,
How many weeks after group a beta...
17  cards
Deep Vein Thrombosis & Pulmonary Thromboembolism
What is a thrombus,
Reca hat are the main components ...,
What is an arterial thrombosis us...
32  cards
Genetics and Cardiovascular Disease
What is congenital heart disease,
What happens in copy number varia...,
What happens in single nucleotide...
66  cards
Cardiomyopathy, Myocarditis and Pericarditis
What is impaired in those with di...,
What are some of the causes of di...,
What are some of the treatable fa...
9  cards
Congenital Heart Defects
Exposure to which bacteria can in...,
Give some other risk factors asso...,
Which structures are initially pr...
3  cards

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