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LEED Green Associate

This is the single best way to study for the LEED Green Associate exam. Study faster and more efficiently than with any other program! 


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Looking for the fastest, most efficient way to prepare for the LEED Green Associate exam? This app is it! Kaplan Clean Energy has set the highest standard for clean tech prep in an app by partnering with Brainscape, the experts in learning. The result is this fantastic app, which provides dynamic flashcards that intuitively focus on the areas where YOU need the most help. Studying has never been so efficient!

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Subject Overview

LEED Green Associate:

  • Helps you to learn everything you need to know to pass the exam with flying colors
  • Immediately diagnoses your weak areas and repeats those more often as you study, while avoiding over-studying your strong areas
  • Tracks your overall success as you study

LEED Green Associate contains over 400 flashcards across 6 decks organized as follows:

  • LEED Basics
  • Sustainable Sites
  • Water Efficiency
  • Energy and Atmosphere
  • Indoor Environmental Quality
  • Materials and Resources

Grab this app and get ready to study in the most efficient way possible!





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Lessons in this Class

# Deck Name Num. of Cards

Leed Basics

Use this deck to learn about general information on the USGBC and LEED.


Sustainable Sites

Use this deck to learn about what makes the actual site of a project sustainable.


Water Efficiency

Use this deck to learn about water efficient technologies and practices on a project site.


Energy And Atmosphere

Use this deck to learn about energy efficient technologies and practices within building, as well as associated environmental issues.


Indoor Environmental Quality

Use this deck to learn about all of the aspects of indoor environmental quality, including air quality, sunlight, ventilation, and more.


Materials And Resources

Use this deck to learn about sustainable practices involved in the selection and use of materials and resources on a project site.