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‘Get Smarter’ is the ultimate collection of smart, digital flashcards that cover the baseline essentials of everything you should know about the world around you, from history’s greatest artists to the names of the common birds in your backyard; from the spices you should add to your foods to the capital cities of the world’s countries. And so much more.

There is scarcely a subject we haven’t touched upon nor an expert we haven’t left unconsulted in our grand goal of bringing to everyone, everywhere, the world’s most comprehensive collection of general knowledge flashcards.

Now, you can efficiently learn (and remember) everything you wish you’d learned in school and in life with our ‘Get Smarter’ collection of flashcard classes, FREE with every Brainscape account:

  • Knowledge Rehab—everything you wish you’d learned in school
  • Street Smarts—everything you wish you’d learned in life
  • Vocab Builder—new words to advance your language

Cultural literacy for the 21st Century!

General knowledge isn’t only for trivia lovers or bar quiz heroes. Learning even just surface-level facts about a myriad of topics and subjects unlocks vast worlds of intrigue, curiosity, and connection between us. Suddenly, that wine menu becomes demystified because you know the difference between Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc; or you’re understanding better why the Mona Lisa draws millions of visitors to the Louvre in Paris every year.

Repeat across any subject you can think of—classic authors, science, health & nutrition, history, travel, basic first aid, food & drink, engineering, etc.—and you’ve got a comprehensive education that’ll make you smarter, more worldly, and more interesting to talk to!

This is what Brainscape’s ‘Get Smarter’ collection promises.

Through a multi-year project involving hundreds of students, teachers, professors, and experts (and even a few hipsters), Brainscape has compiled a critical base set of knowledge across a huge range of subjects and topics of interest. We’ve then organized it into three classes—Knowledge Rehab, Street Smarts, and Vocab Builder—all of which are FREE and automatically loaded with every Brainscape account.

How Brainscape helps you learn faster and remember for longer

The brain is hardwired to learn and remember information a certain way. The Brainscape™ flashcard app was born out of the question: what if we leveraged this hardwiring to help students learn more efficiently? Fueled by curiosity, our team of cognitive scientists from Columbia and Yale spent years developing a scientifically optimized learning platform to boost your learning.

Our "secret sauce" is a learning algorithm that delivers information to your brain in a way that optimizes its ability to retain that information. And it’s the spaced repetition of general knowledge content at precisely the right interval for YOUR brain that makes Brainscape so effective for remembering the facts.

With Brainscape’s Get Smarter course, you get:

  • Knowledge Rehab with 27 decks packed with essential facts about the world, art, history, science, and so much more.
  • Street Smarts with 22 decks bursting with essential facts about survival, home maintenance, common birds, foreign language greetings, and so much more.
  • Vocab Builder with 9 decks containing super useful, yet complex English words, complete with definitions, sample sentences, and synonyms.
  • Easy access to study online or in Brainscape's mobile apps for iOS and Android.
  • A spaced repetition learning system customized to your unique pace of learning.
  • Bookmark tools to make it easy to quiz yourself and your classmates.
  • Lots of scores, analytics, and progress metrics so you can easily track your studies and build good study habits.
  • Social features and leaderboards to see how your progress compares to other people around the world.

Dive in and start improving your knowledge, for free!

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Ω Knowledge Rehab Ω

Rehabilitate your knowledge with the best flashcards on everything you wish you'd learned in school.

Knowledge Warm-Up
Rehabilitate your knowledge with Knowledge Rehab! This deck gives you a sneak peek into our FREE class that will help you get smarter, one fact at a time.
28  cards
A review of prominent artists and their works. This deck is sure to make you feel much more knowledgeable on your next museum visit! Special thanks to the International Business Times, Wikipedia, and The Guardian for sharing your cultural knowledge with us!
63  cards
Psychology & The Brain
Since we use our brain every day you should probably know how it actually works. Check out this deck to brush up on everything from parts of the brain to world-famous psychologists. Special thanks to Wei Ji Ma, Ph.D., Associate Professor at the Center for Neural Science and Department of Psychology, New York University, for his advice and wisdom!
46  cards
U.S. History
Rehabilitate your knowledge of U.S. history from before the Revolutionary War to the present. Special thanks to The History Channel, Encyclopedia Britannica, and the Smithsonian Center for Education and Museum Studies for helping us research, prioritize, and finalize the information you see in this deck!
117  cards
Earth Science
As an inhabitant of Earth, you should probably know a thing or two about it! This deck should refresh your memory on the need-to-know Earth science topics. Special thanks to the Environmental Protection Agency, World Wildlife Federation, NASA, and National Geographic for helping us to select and comment on environmental facts and issues!
34  cards
Countries on a Map
Become a global citizen and see if you can recognize these countries by their location on a map!
29  cards
Modern World History
Chances are, you don't remember who fought or won the Peloponnesian War. And you probably forgot (or never learned!) about the groundbreaking inventions of China's Tang dynasty. But you should know this stuff -- it's the foundation our world is built on! Study this deck and become a knowledgeable citizen of the world.
126  cards
Geography & Landmarks
This deck covers continents, countries, landforms, and other key items you should have learned in Geography class! Special thanks to World Atlas and National Geographic for helping Brainscape compile this information
47  cards
Classic Authors
You probably know Shakespeare and J.K. Rowling, but what about Chaucer? Do you remember who wrote 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea? This deck will refresh your memory on famous authors and works of literature. Special thanks to Goodreads, Biography, and Wikipedia for providing us with the information to compile this deck!
65  cards
Health & Nutrition
If you need a refresher on vitamins, nutrients, and food groups, or if you're looking for some basic workout information, this is the deck for you. Become a healthier you and check out this deck! Special thanks to the Mayo Clinic, Web MD, and Harvard Medical School for helping us to compile this information!
37  cards
U.S. Law & Government
No need to dust off those boring law books, just use this deck to brush up on all things "need-to-know" about law and government. Special thanks to PBS, Wikipedia, and for helping us to select and comment on such an important body of knowledge!
37  cards
Philosophy, Mythology, & Religion
Maybe you've seen the movie Hercules, but do you know the major Greek and Roman gods and goddesses? How about the major holidays of world religions? If you need a refresher on all things religion, philosophy, and mythology, you've come to the right place!
58  cards
Business & Finance
Get to know the world's most prominent entrepreneurs and basic business and finance knowledge. Special thanks to Biography, Business Insider, and Forbes for helping Brainscape to compile this deck!
41  cards
Common English Errors
The deck for your inner grammar-lover. Brush up on parts of speech, correct those common misspellings, and learn some common word roots. Special thanks to, Wikipedia, and The Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue University for imparting this linguistic knowledge!
71  cards
Music Theory & History
Review the most popular classical composers and listen to famous works. And study a little music theory while you're at it! Special thanks to Classic FM, Wikipedia, MusOpen, YouTube, Ultimate Music Theory, and SoundCloud for helping us listen to and comment on these important musical works!
31  cards
National Capitals
You probably learned these in middle school - but do you remember them now? Rehabilitate your knowledge with this deck!
57  cards
Biological Science
Everything from microbiology to the body systems to the largest living structure. Rehabilitate your bio knowledge with this deck. Special thanks to the Mayo Clinic, National Wildlife Federation, National Institute of Health, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and Encyclopedia Britannica for helping us to collect and condense all of this important biological science content!
49  cards
Math & Measurements
Get over your fear of math with this comprehensive review of math vocabulary, concepts, and conversions. Special thanks to Khan Academy and Wolfram Alpha for helping us learn some of the concepts in this deck!
34  cards
Famous Quotes
Here's a healthy dose of both famous and important quotes. We obviously left out many more that could be added in the future -- as well as some that are just too overused and trite! Special thanks to, Wikipedia, and for helping us select, prioritize, and comment on all these important words!
39  cards
U.S. State Capitals
You probably learned these in middle school - but do you remember them now? Rehabilitate your knowledge with this deck!
50  cards
U.S. Presidents
Can you identify the Presidents of the United States of America since its founding? Brainscape would like to thank The History Channel and Biography for helping us to author this deck!
45  cards
Flags of the World
Become a global citizen and see if you can recognize these flags of countries around the world! Special thanks to the CIA's World Factbook for helping Brainscape to compile this information!
32  cards
23  cards
24  cards
21  cards
Famous Operas & Theatrical Works
Review the most popular theatrical works and dive into the world of Shakespeare. Before you know it, you're leading the watercooler conversations with your nuggets of knowledge!
20  cards
Ω Street Smarts Ω

Rehabilitate your knowledge with the best flashcards covering all the facts you should know in life.

Street Smarts Warm-Up
Here's everything you need to know to be street smart. This deck gives you a sneak peek into our FREE class that will help stop talking about the weather and have smarter conversations.
21  cards
Random Knowledge
Make your friends and co-workers go "How do you always know so much?"
14  cards
Basic First Aid
Learn basic skills and techniques to prevent and stabilize serious injuries.
30  cards
Survival Skills
For when your phone dies and you happen to wander into your backyard.
26  cards
Wine for Beginners
Dive into the basics of wine, understanding varietals, tasting notes, and wine etiquette. Your first step to becoming a wine expert.
108  cards
Home & Auto Maintenance
Learn about what it takes to fix plumbing issues, optimize your garden, and keep your car running.
40  cards
Cognitive Biases & Mental Models
Become more aware of different types of human behavior and their psychological after-effects.
32  cards
Plants, Herbs, and Spices
Expand your knowledge of various plants, trees, flowers, herbs and spices.
38  cards
Everyday Jokes
Sprinkle humor into your social interactions with everyday jokes that guarantee smiles and laughter.
30  cards
Common Birds
Learn about the most common types of birds and dazzle your friends with this newfound knowledge.
16  cards
Dog Breeds
Become familiar with the most common types of dog breeds.
27  cards
Commonly Confused Words
Learn more about commonly confused words in English and become a better writer and speaker.
17  cards
Influential Musicians
Go through history and learn about the artists that left a mark on our world.
132  cards
Foreign Language Greetings
Learn how to say hello, thank you, and goodbye in many languages.
49  cards
Food & Drink
From cooking techniques to the ingredients of common cocktails, you'll become a beginner chef in no time.
102  cards
Sports History
Learn about the greats in sports and what they did for the world.
48  cards
Social Media Shorthand
For when you think WTF means Why The Face.
112  cards
Learn about famous actors and actresses who left their mark in the cinematic world.
135  cards
Computers & Internet
Learn more about how computers work and be able to properly communicate with an IT person.
29  cards
Proverbs & Idioms
92  cards
What Is This Made Of?
For those with an inquisitive mind who always seek answers, not questions. Learn what things are made of!
9  cards

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