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What is the purpose of the Emergency Call Out plan?

To provide an emergency management plan to call back/deploy GFD members for emergencies that require personnel beyond normal staffing.


In case of call out, GFD members are responsible for developing a contingency plan for the safety of their families for how long?

72 hours.


In an event that requires initiation on emergency call out procedures, should GFD personnel report to the scene?

No, stay at a location where they can be readily contacted.


Who contacts dispatch center to initiate emergency call out, after an event has taken place?

Incident Commander.


Who is responsible for insuring Phoenix Fire Dispatch has an accurate list of phone/pager numbers for GFD admin staff?

Life Safety Services Chief (also responsible for initiating emergency call-out).


What 2 categories will emergency call out fall into?

-limited (limited number of FF's needed)
-extensive (ALL FF's needed)


Members accepting an assignment on limited emergency call out, shall respond with their gear at their deployment station within how long?

1 hour.


What is the response time requirement for an assignment from the extensive emergency call out?

Because members may have to relocate family members, there is no time limit to arrive at deployment station.


What are the duty shifts during an incident that requires an emergency call out?

A large emergency may mean changing to a 12 hour work shift, mainly for the first 72 hours (determined by Life Safety Services Chief).


Who's responsibility is it to provide/manage supplies, and forecast future needs?

Logistical Services Chief.


What's the minimum number of additional apparatus assigned, during emergency call out?

Minimum of 5 (using the 1500 series numbers for designation).

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