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Of any subject you could choose to study, Law requires an incredible amount of learning legal terminology and case studies. To pass your Bar Exam is no mean feat, so you can't afford to waste study time with ineffective learning methods. You need a web and mobile app that will break down content and answer your questions quickly and easily. Brainscape has developed a way for you to learn that will double your learning speed and your memory retention.

Whether you choose to study on Brainscape's' web or mobile app, our unique spaced repetition system asks you to score your own confidence and understanding of the subject matter covered. After you have covered each law school flashcard the Brainscape system asks you to rate your confidence on a scale of 1-5. Brainscape then uses your own self-rated confidence as a guide to determine when the flashcard will be repeated. The spaced repetition algorithm, unique to Brainscape allows you to learn quicker and remember for longer.

And if you're interested in more detailed tips, check out Brainscape's guides for studying law.  

Top-Rated Law School Study Aid

At Law school, you have to memorize a huge amount of information. Brainscape's' team of learning scientists spent three years developing a unique way of optimized learning.

The revolutionary system is based on Confidence-Based Repetition and Intelligent Cumulative Exposure. You can check out the white papers on the Brainscape website to understand why and how it works.  Our system is trusted by top students at Harvard Law School and Yale Law School.

If you choose to access our series of premium Bar Exam flashcards (for the MBE), you will get access to 2,500 flashcards with in-depth knowledge written by a team of top attorneys and legal educators. You will also get ongoing feedback, statistics and visualization tools that will allow you to track your progression.

You can study in sync on the Brainscape website and on your iOS devices using the law school flashcards app. The curriculum has been specially designed to enable you to build your understanding of legal concepts and analysis. You will get the same degree of quality from the best bar exam courses. You will also get access to over 400 flashcards which cover deep-dive learning.

Efficient Bar Exam Prep

Brainscape has a team of legal educators and attorneys that have created a simply unrivaled library of law school flashcards that will prepare you for The Bar Exam. With thousands of hours being spent researching and breaking down essential knowledge into easy to take in bite-sized chunks, these simply are the best law school flashcards available anywhere.

Our MBE flashcards have then been tested on top law students in order to test their effectiveness. The result is the most comprehensive and digestible Bar Exam study guide available anywhere.

Legal Terminology Flash Cards

In addition to the great Bar Exam review content and flashcards for other legal courses, several thousand top law students and professors have also created thousands of flashcards specifically for legal terminology.

Our marketplace contains flashcards that cover terminology for every part of the Law in easy to find subject areas. The library of law study guides is separated into all the major subject areas typically taught in law schools or on the Multistate Bar Exam (MBE).

You will also find great resources like Constitutional Law flashcards, Criminal Law flashcards, Civil Procedure flashcards, Evidence flashcards, Contracts flashcards, Property flashcards, and Torts flashcards. The materials will provide you with all the background information you need.

Even better, there are also flashcards that tie legal terminology to exam questions, so that you can apply the case studies and knowledge you have acquired to make you think on your feet, like a lawyer.

Spaced Repetition & Cognitive Science

Brainscape is the most effective study system on the planet. Our system works by personalizing the timing of each flashcard you see. Instead of the more conventional bar exam courses, Brainscape uses a proprietary learning algorithm called Confidence-Based repetition (CBR). This means that bite-sized pieces of information are repeated at the correct frequency which is just right for you.

For example, let's say you were studying Marbury v. Madison and you were asked the year and decision. If you could not remember the year and did not understand the ruling at all you would perhaps score yourself a "1". Because you scored yourself a "1" then the flashcards would be repeated again perhaps in the next five or ten flashcards. After seeing the flashcard again you may upgrade your understanding level to a "2" which would have the effect of the flashcard being repeated less frequently. If you still could not remember or understand the case you would keep your rating as a “1”, until you understood the case more fully and were confident enough to move on.

CBR is a groundbreaking method of learning that is guaranteed by cognitive science research to help you learn faster and remember for longer.  With CBR, concepts are always introduced stage by stage, depending on your particular study needs. There are no other apps on the market that apply this advanced learning science integrated with input from experts in the field.

Brainscape is free to try and you can study thousands of flashcards to fulfill your potential with Brainscape.